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“The history books say that during the Progressive era, government trustbusters reined in business. Nonsense. Progressive 'reforms' -- railroad regulation, meat inspection, drug certification and the rest -- were done at the behest of big companies that wanted competition managed. They knew regulation would burden smaller companies more than themselves. The strategy works.”

~ John Stossel

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Ronw13, Oregon

Quite the tactic of big companies and their use of centralized power to quell competition in the market. Unethical practices of big business and the gaming of small business and individuals for profit. Dirty minds and dirty money ! As usual, history books can be personal views of designing corruption, socialist indoctrination.

E Archer, NYC

Big Business is the enemy of progressives yet these monopolies arose due to the government regulations libs demand.

Jim K, Austin

Ah yes , we must not have that pesky competition ,


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