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“In recent years we have witnessed numerous marches on Washington in which one group or another has demanded new “rights.” Frequently, such rights have not meant freedom from state control, but rather entitlement to state action, protection, or subsidy. In the process of yielding to the “will of the people” and creating new rights, the state invariably enlarges itself and its bureaucracy. Each new right seems to demand a new agency to guarantee it, administer it, or deliver it.”

~ John W. Whitehead

The Second American Revolution

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Mike, Norwalk

The ANTI - law occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, with its god / man legal positivism, creates, defines and destroys what it calls rights (not recognizing the existence of natural law's eternally inalienable rights - the Bill of Rights innumerated but just an extreme terse listing of natural law rights) Five stars for the accurate observation of the despot's consequential over-lording.

cal, lewisville, tx

We should never have entitlements of government or non private handouts.

Ron w13, Or

Free the slaves ? A chicken in the pot ? Quite the monster of today. Tax the world, more concrete and pavement. Rob Paul to pay Peter. Doctrinally and literally. And I do mean rob Paul to pay Peter ! Considering liberty, freedom and inalienable rights ordained by the Creator of heaven and earth. Our endowment.

jim k, austin tx

This is so accurate that even Waffler may agree with it.


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