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“Freedom demands that we struggle for an extension of both equality and free expression, not regard one as inimical to the other.”

~ Kenan Malik

“No Platform, or No Democracy?,” New Statesman, 6 September 1996

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helorat, Milton

We must strive to ensure equal opportunity, not equality. Opportunity is the right, the remainder must be earned. Freedom of speech is protected against federal encroachment by the Constitution. Other forms of expression have consquences at all levels. Responsibility and accountability for ones actions is crucial to a free society. If you cannot control your self you must expect to occainally get some outside inference. Behavior has consquences.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

True, equity is much more achievable than true equality, but this is exactly what most speakers mean when they use the term, so the quote is still worthy. By helorat's argument no written word is protected, nor are pure vocalizations such as singing, just "speech"... again, not what was ment or how these rights are interpreted.

E Archer, NYC

Equality in terms of the US Constitution is specific to individuals' rights, nothing more. Life is not fair, and it is not the government's job to make it 'equal' -- we are free to complain and make demands of others, but we are not guaranteed an understanding audience nor are we 'owed' anything from our fellows other than the respect of our rights just as we must respect others' rights.


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