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“...[W]e insist on the principle that no danger or crisis, foreign or domestic, will be solved by Americans surrendering more of their constitutional liberties, in the foolish hope that a bigger government will provide greater security.”

~ Larry P. Arnn

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I imagine that 'bigger government' implies more powerful government. If so, I agree that Americans aren't going to find peace by surrendering their civil liberties. Even if, the U.S. government is able to prevent attacks on its soil, Americans will keep getting killed around the world for a very long time to come. The only way to stop this conflict is to for U.S. to accept rule of International Law and soveriegnity of United Nations.

Mike, Norwalk

Sargon, thank you for the communist's one world government perspective. Further: "Those who whish to sacrifice liberty for perceived security deserve neither." (among multiple quotes on the subject by Benjamin Franklin)

E Archer, NYC

I think Sargon just demonstrated the general ignorance of the average citizen. The UN would be the biggest government in the world if Sargon had his way -- and believe me, they are tens times worse than the US government and completely out of the control of the People. Surrendering our liberties for Peace is nothing short of slavery.

Piotr, Wroclaw

Sounds very fresh.

warren, olathe

When we hand over the keys to the UN we need to not forget to turn out the lights on our way out. The light of liberty will be extinguished for ever.

John, Tacoma

Sargon, you missed the point. What is the UN if not "a bigger government?" Has the UN kept the Sudanese safe? The Kurds? Let them prove themselves in Somalia or Burma or Bhutan before they demand America be subjugated. I would also point out that, you correctly predict "Americans will keep getting killed around the world for a very long time to come. . . ." you just forgot to add "defending liberty."

Waffler, Smith

I only gave it one because while he started off well he erred when he used the adjective "bigger". The quote would assume to say that he would be willing to give up constitutional liberties if a smaller government would solve all of our problems. Of course sometimes it has taken BIG government to guarantee constitutional liberties or at least Washington DC as in Civil Rights Legislation, hate crime legislation etcetera. Left with small government I guess folk would just go on killing and lynching each other over issues like religion, free speech etcetera that are guaranteed by the Constitution and of course must be protected by the government whether it is big or small. The UN has done and continues to do some good things. Don't totally surrender to these guys Sargon. (Again I repeat this quote seems to imply that the writer would gladly surrender constitutional rights in exchange for smaller government.)

J Carlton, Calgary

Excellent quote from an excellent college. Sargon is completely out to lunch followed closely by Waffler. Whet neither of these people understand is that it is BIG government that has created the majority of our problems. And BIG government that perpetuates these problems to its own controlling ends. The UN? Good God, I can't think of a more controlling, coercive and all around criminal form of government sinse the Nazi's. No my friends BIG government is where we lose everything. Sargon, I take it you are a crusader for one world government...sad. Waffler we already know advocates communism for the most part. Arm yourselves folks, no one but friends and neighbors are going to look out for you.

Justin, Elkland

A simple and true statement. Waffler, civil rights and hate crime legislation don't guarantee constitutional liberties they guarantee that one group gets preferential treatment over another group, which is unconstitutional. I guess we're back to 0 things big government does well. Sorry Sargon of Akkad but your quest for world domination will have to wait until Waffler can find one thing bigger (meaning more centralized, buffoons) government can do well.

jim k, austin

Sargon is nuts to think we should turn anything over to the thugs at the UN. Waff, where on earth do you get the idea that the quote implies that the writer would gladly surrender constitutional rights in exchange for smaller government. If you knew anything at all about Hillsdale College you would know that your statement is ridiculous.

Bucky, Vancouver

This quote speaks to draconian laws like the Patriot Act and new government internal spy agencies like Homeland Security. They may have saved lives (unproven) but I don't believe we can trust the government to use their increased powers appropriately. It's another step on the road to tyranny.

J Carlton, Calgary

Bucky, this just in...Homeland Security is NOT a government agency.

Waffler, Smith

Jim K the quote says that we should not give up our liberties to big government. It begs the question; would he be willing to give up liberties to small government. The quote should just say that "we will not give up liberties" period, fine. Shut up your mouth once you have said what you need to say. If the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood and other hundreds of other liberty denying organizations that might threaten liberties like being ethinic, being of a certain race, or being of a certain religion would you support a bigger government to investigate, arrest, and prosecute these threats to all of our constitutional or would you still seek a smaller government and let Nazi's and lynch mobs thrive. People who have sought their rights and freedoms under the law know from where liberty comes from or at least from where it is defended from: It is defended at home by the Federal Courts and abroad by our diplomatic and military prowess. (Again Jim K read more carefully the guy wrote a bad quote.)

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you are correct in your assertions that the Federal Government has helped to correct wrongs in States that were not addressing their own illegalities. You have read many of my posts where I have personal knowledge as to where the national government is clearly acting by criminal means with no regard to law. My question to you is, 'who is going to protect the people from the national government'?

Waffler, Smith

We are constantly protected Mike by debates like we have here, elections in which we throw the bums out etcetera. America is a vibrant strong country and governmental structure based on law. Our freedom protects us. Thanks for finding me correct about something, isn't that a refreshing situation. Wa

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, how do we throw out the non-elected police, judges, etc.? America's governmental structure is no longer based on law. All of my experiences expressed here show that. The Bill of Rights almost didn't make it because everyone said it was so clear that the government couldn't do anything that wasn't expressly stated in the Constitution that the Bill of Rights was an overkill that wasn't needed. Where does it say in the Constitution that a sitting president can ignore the law concerning bond holders, such as with Chrysler, and become a major stock holder in a business venture. Oops, it doesn't, the government doesn't care about the Constitution, the law, justice, fair play or anything that would resemble an orderly assembly of representatives. Without exception throughout history, the bigger the government, the bigger the tyranny. How does that freedom protect us?

Waffler, Smith

Mike where does the Constitution say that we may go to the moon? It doesn't, so what is your point? I think you totally don't understand what the Constituion is or what it does or does not do. We are free to take bad cops to court, it happens all of the time. How can you be unaware of actions by people all of the time either legal ones, demonstrations etcetera to bring a point of opinion on public issues to the for and to force changes in the body politic. That my freind is freedom in action. Finally we are free because we can amend the Constitution any time we wish. Thus my friend we are the Constitution and now you really know what freedom is!

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, lol. The Constitution doesn't say we can go to the moon. The Constitution was a document to address government's action, not the individuals' (we) actions. The point is, constitutionally, the government can not finance lunar exploration or have a NASA department. I could go on to explain how the government could encourage space exploration but you wouldn't get that either. Your thought process is limited to a fascist theocracy with no understanding outside of that collectivist's slave box. You won't accept what brought about the Bill of Rights and its applied understanding as it conflicts with your government of men vs government of law. You have no clue or understanding what law is, what the Constitution is, or what any or it is, does, or is for. How many bad cops do you personally know that have been taken to court. I've got government workers secretly fired because of the heat brought to bear but, I, nor anyone I know, haven't got one into court. I have an attorney friend who's firm is on contract with the city to defend police and other city officials. Getting a criminal or otherwise bad cop into court (or even to the point an attorney is consulted) is such an exceptionally rare event that it is only brought about by such extreme circumstances as to place it in the category of an anomaly rapt in an enigma, not the norm or even a once in a while. Waffler, you continue to make me smile while shaking my head. I've given you dozens of examples of court corruption, government's criminal activities, etc. and, all you can tell me is we're free and all that doesn't exist in Wafflerworld because we have opinions so we're free. I really hope you like the new Union of Socialist Amerika your anointed Obamunist is creating.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler will ever twist whatever Liberty quote one cites as support of the global 'democratic' socialists, controlled by the very 'fat cats' that socialist policies say they will tax for the security of the poor. The twisted logic required to keep bright minds lost in a maze of confusion necessitates a 12 year 'education' program, after which a child has had beaten into them the indoctrination of those that claim authority over them. Few -- very few -- come out knowing how to produce ANYTHING except WORDS. And as I started, the twisting of the meaning of words has become the fascist's tool for redfining whatever atrocity his acts truly are with the opposite meaning. Either Waffler is in willing collusion with fascism in the guise of 'democracy, or he has been duped as have so many who now believe the world needs them to save us all with YOUR labor and property. Either way, he has chosen his side just as the German people chose Hitler, and when the dust has settled and Waffler and his ilk are in their graves, the generation that inherits the rubble and chains that ultimately are the fruits of fascism will curse those that led them to such an end. 'Live free or die' is the call of Liberty, not democratic socialism.

Waffler, Smith

Mike if governemtn creating and running NASA is wrong in your view, then what about creating and running an Army, how do you feel about that? If we are going to straight arm our nation and its peoples ability to function by crying socialism at every turn and complaining about government involvement but then turn to socialistic and communistic countries who have heavy government involvement in industry and business (Japan, Inc., Communist China, Korea) to fill all of our industrial output needs and insatiable consumer hunger where will it put us? As for Archer who has shown his dim wittedness by relying on the "oh he has twisted the meaning" approach rather than relying on any real ability at intelligent discussion. Again this guys quote is BS, bad logic and structure. He mixes liberties, with crisis, and big government etcetera. Again if his real interest is in maintaing liberty at all costs the size of government is a mute point. Many colonialists thought that The Continental Congress was a farce, to big, supplies to Washingtons Army were being pilfered and huge profits and graft were being made (all of this partly true) etc. I am sure you guys would have been in the forefront attacking Congress and the Army. Such is always the way with traitors.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, an army for defense is not only constitutional, it is right. If the US divested itself from all the despotic and tyrannical codes, controls, ordinances, policies, regulations, rules, mind sets, statutes, etc. associated with the different forms of socialism, along with the larcenous fiat money system and, returned to a government of law, as was/is indicative of the Constitution's representative republic, the US would once again out produce the world. Socialism is the straight arm killing the peoples' ability to function and the sole reason the US has been hemorrhaging business and industry. It is always the collectivists that want to punish those leaving their theocracy for a freer state. It was a great concept of the founders to interact industrially, by way of trade, with other nations. If the Congress and the army were functioning under the edicts of socialism, I would have been as verbal there as I am here. And Waffler, your ilk will alway be numbered with freedom and liberty's traitors. For me and my family, I will stand with God, the laws of nature and nature's God, Creator endowed rights, and the representive republic as set forth in the original Constitution.

Mike, Jackson

From everything I hear Larry Arnn hates individual freedom. He runs Hillsdale College like a Police State.

Ronw13, ID

Right over target, considering the knee jerk reactions from the communist/socialist ideology of peace and safety ilk above. 
The centralizing marxist infesting leadership, from local to federal is a sickening state of affairs. Mr. Arnn's statement, perhaps to simple, but very pointed strikes at the core of personal responsibility and the unalienable right to self governance. The current administration nothing more than a fraudulent coup being played out on the world stage, of which the world knows Trump Won. And yes Biden/Harris is made a laughing stock.  


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