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“When they took the 4th Amendment, I was quiet because I didn't deal drugs. When they took the 6th Amendment, I was quiet because I am innocent. When they took the 2nd Amendment, I was quiet because I don't own a gun. Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet.”

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Elce Redmond, Chicago

This quote is unfortunately the now and the future of our once great country.

Joyce, Fairview, WV

Creepy how quickly one group's rights can sneak in and trample on the rights the rest of us thought we had.

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

The word is stronger than the sword (gun). We should all speak up upon infractions of our rights. Anyone waiting to use guns is dreaming a pipe dream. Guns won't do it! Guns are not for attacking your democratically elected republican form of government. That is a lie fostered upon us by the gun manufacturers through the NRA.

E Archer, NYC

Not sure why Bruce continues to imply that gun rights advocates (and commentors on this site) are implying attacking government with arms. There is a huge difference beyween defending one's rights against government tyranny and an armed uprising. Talk about aspersions.

Mike, Norwalk

Latter day tyranny is a creeping cancer and the quote is a modern version of what happened in pre-WWII Germany and else where. Bruce, Bama and the US have forsaken the Republic, unless of course they have given up compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, theft of the noble laborer's fruits, recognized the individual as sovereign, etc. (which all ties back to the quote) and I didn't hear about it.

Sam, Alabama

As for "Bama" as far I as know the vast majority of people are glad to be here (USA). While we may not agree on the definition of "tyranny" I think it is fair to say we are headed in the wrong direction and government is out of control. please don't assume the direction I see as "right" to be the same as yours. Gun control is a joke how do you suppose the hundreds of millions of fire arms will be collected in this nation? If you think this nation has been "forcibly enslaved" then lets look back at prohibition. If we are sheep led willingly to the slaughter at whom do we point the finger?

Vernon, Sulphur

I have no idea of this mans politics, but I found it to be great and well rounded because it reminds me of a more famous quote about those they came after and then when they came after me, there was nothing to stop them. I need to renew membership supporting our ability to carry guns for those who are responsible to use the right rightly.

marlin, miami

the constitution can only be upheld by those voting. how else can our voices be heard. choose candidancy wisely.

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

Mike what is compelled compliance in your mind. It is such a big phrase can you stop using it and say what you mean? Is stopping at traffic lights compelled compliance etcetera. I am a resident of Bama, I do not speak for Bama or anyone else, I speak for myself. "Gun control" was not a national issue until Clinton decided to do something about Uzis and street sweepers and drive by shootings. Bush the first would not address the issue. The NRA went ballistic. After passage of a law restricting such weapons retired Reagan said "such a law is just common sense" and retired Bush also acquiesed in a positive attitude towards the new law. Clinton remarked that he was the only one who was man enough to stand up to the NRA while in the White House unlike Bush. It was only LaPierre and the NRA that went on a holy war. There has been gun control in the forests for years. Most states only allow three cartridges in a deer rifle etcetera. Ain't it strange that some folks accept forms of gun contol and law when targeting animals but detest any restrictions when the target is people.

Mike, Norwalk

Bruce, I will not stop using the term compelled compliance because it is exactly what is going on and what I mean. A stop sign is only law when it safely regulates traffic. When it is an impediment to free and safe travel it weighs on the side of compelled compliance. All victimless crimes are compelled compliance. Mandating to show ID before boarding a plane or any forced ID is compelled compliance (showing ID makes nobody safer). The theft of the noble laborer's fruits by threat of duress is compelled compliance. The taking away of Habeas Corpus institutes a compelled compliance. Not being able to leave the US with $10,000 or more on your person under threat of duress is compelled compliance. ETC! ETC! ETC! AND, it's only getting worse. I believe the US is one of only a few nations on earth that have deeply planted seeds of freedom and liberty that it might return to the founder's vision of greatness. Further, compelled compliance will only take us further away from the first, second, etc. Amendments.

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

In your world Michael who decides when a stop light does or does not safely regulate traffic? Who decides if and when it is safe to drive in the left lane (British style) on a two lane street? I believe a person can leave or enter the conutry with as much currency as he pleases as long as he declares it. If you consider filling out a form duress I guess it is duress for you at least but the same thing happens if you deposit or remove $10,000 or more from your bank. Thank you for responding and really I am trying to understand you. I have to be careful of saying or writing too much cause I might get evicted from the site. My understanding is that all compliance with law is voluntary as long as you comply. So when a Peace Officer (cop) says you are under arrest you are supposed to comply. Failure to do so is resisting arrest and your status gets worse. So you had an opportunity to voluntarily comply. The choice is yours. Did you not ever have compelled compliance as a child and were you never penalized as a child for failing to comply voluntarily to your parents instructions. I believe your progam/agenda or mantra would be better served if you stated these examples more often than saying "compelled compliance" like a robot.

Mike, Norwalk

In my world and in a Republic of individual sovereigns the individual is the judge and executor of law (my rights end at your nose). A traffic light or sign designates right (right of way) when there are 2 or more individuals involved. To the macro, by way of example: If an individual were driving on a flat desert with no view obstructions of future crossing traffic and, there be no obvious second person, the driver must slow at the red light until he can make sure there is no crossing traffic. At law, the driver could then drive through the red light. If the driver was mistaken and an accident was the result, the driver should be fully prosecuted (he violated the law - there is personal responsibility at law, freedom, and liberty). Six million Jews and ten million Christians also had choice in Nazi Germany as per your definition. As to the quote and its examples, the more the tyrannical state mandates correct actions (the quote, ID, license, etc.) compliance is compelled by an immoral democratic oligarchy.

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

You should live in Argentina. My Spanish teach said the people will not obey mechanical traffic fixtures. If there is no cop they don't obey. Your example has some interesting complications because of the accident. You are suggesting that no prosecution should occur if there is no accident? You failed to comment on the British driving example. Lets make it easier, even without signs I believe littering the highway or roadway is a violation of law. Let us assume there is a sign with a stated penalty, are you of the position that requiring (compelling) your compliance is a violation of your freedom or rights. Voluntary compliance with law equals no law at all or an outlaw society: Funk and Wagnalls "law: 1) A rule of conduct, recognized by custom or by formal enactment, which a community considers as binding upon its members." Mike Alabama has a lot of Compelled Compliance. I would stay clear of this state if I were you. I am seriously thinking of staying clear of this site because of the mentality, thought processes and knoledge level of you and Archer. I really think I should have better things to do with my time. Unlike the Jews you should have enough sense to know when and when not to resist. You state an absolute that compelled compliance to law is immoral. If you cannot judge good law from bad law I suggest yes that you should refuse to obey any law. You may very well wind up in the nut house.

Mike, Norwalk

Bruce, lol, you miss quote me again. It is impossible to explain freedom, liberty, or personal responsibility to someone who wants to be a slave. I would understand your exit from this blog, after all, it is about liberty quotes. To end this conversation, there is a huge difference between a statute or otherwise governmental edict and, law.

E Archer, NYC

We can always go over to Bruce's blog at . Apparently he expects the office of the Presidency to reduce world population in order to protect the environment.. (!) I sure would like to see where in the Constitution that power is granted to the Executive -- who decides who shall live and procreate and who shall be wiped out? Yikes, talk about arbitrary power and totalitarianism. I'm sure Bruce is not volunteering to reduce the population by one more until after he has at least had a chance to collect his Social Security benefits. ;-)

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

Mike I had to give you one more I think important thought. What killed the Jews was thousands of years of conditioning of failing to stand up for their civil rights, by them and by "christian" society throughout Europe. They were in a sense doomed way before Hitler because of this failure. Guns would not have saved them nor would resistance at the time of Hitler. The denial of their rights was predicated upon the false teaching that "The Jews killed Christ" and they were called Christ killers. This was the teaching of "the Church". Now David in St Louis says "democracy" killed Christ. A little knowledge and false knowledge is a terrible thing and can cause severe damage to society and the individual. The clear teaching of the Gospel is that I and you killed Christ by our sins and sinful nature. The problem Mike is subjective knowledge rather than objective. You stated in one of your comments that you and I see things differently because of different experience, undoubtedly that is partly true. But the great equalizer and what will bring us together is common knowledge, books and learning. Don't stay stuck in your subjective experience get and education on these things. I think Archer is totally beyond learning. If you cannot be more objective by learning then look at what most people are doing or thinking, don't follow that 1% fringe (Archer and Dave on money, you on law etc) at the extremity of rationality. I have unsubscribed to this site because of you and Archer's "mental deficiency amounting almost to total absence of understanding caused by non-development" (aka idiocy).

E Archer, NYC

See you later, Bruce. It is unfortunate that because Law and Economics are relatively unknown to most citizens (like yourself) the ruling class is able to get away with so much. There are too many similarities between the rise of Nazism in Germany to the current rise of fascism in the US to cover here. The debasement of the German currency by their central bank was one of the excuses for exterminating Jews because their private bankers were Jewish (using the same con as the Fed does today, for example). Hitler drummed up enough hatred of Jews in a similar fashion as the hatred of Muslims today. Of course, Hitler ended up keeping the same banking scheme but in the hands of the state -- and he killed millions of Christians, too, mind you. The German people were easily fooled and led on by the lies and propaganda of the Nazis very much the same way Americans are being programmed today with the banker-controlled media and banker-controlled government. The free and sovereign citizens of America have been conned into giving away their rights (rights held almost nowhere else in the world) in exchange for government benefits (i.e. money from government -- that they borrow at interest to be paid by the People) forgetting that a government that can give you all you need can also take it away. Watch the dollar crash (or should I say watch it continue to fall) due to the iniquitous money system that many like Bruce fail to grasp -- I bet some of his friends and family are having mortgage problems right now. No credit card company in the world would let a person keep borrowing more and more and more without limit -- why then is it possible for the US government to do so? Why is there no money for education or soldiers' pensions, but there are billions suddenly borrowed for war in a foreign land? Why does a Haliburton subsidiary charge the government $99 a load of laundry in Iraq -- and prohibit soldiers from doing it themselves? Where have the billions of dollars gone missing in fighting this so-called 'war'? War is a racket, and to stand idly by in collusion with this crime against the citizens of the USA is cowardly. Why do Americans need to give up fundamental and supposedly inalienable rights in order to fight those that 'hate us for our freedom'? Is it any surprise that sooner or later the children of those that have simply 'followed orders' wake up to find their country stolen long before they were born and speak out against further oppression? The seekers of truth are no strangers to controversy, and those most dependent on government favors will defend those privileges -- few reaching retirement age can afford to confront the system when it will only interfere with their government checks. The plain and simple truth is that the citizenry can be split up into 2 groups that will always be at odds with each other -- 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes, and 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise, depository of the public interests. It is not hard to figure out where we each stand. Just remember, that the 2nd group are the ones that founded our country, declared independence from those that laid claim to them, and framed a Constitution for a republican form of government empowered only by the sovereign citizens and states. Where do YOU stand, citizen?

Mike, Norwalk

well said Archer, that is quotable

Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

The current debt is due to Bushes tax cut. Did you not hear Greenspans mea culpa this week. When Republicans say they are going to cut taxes they are also saying we are going to sell bonds (debt). The rich who got the tax cut bought the bonds. (They had rather loan it to the government than give it; wouldn't you?, that way they not only keep ownership of their capital in the form of a bond but they get interest also.) When Reagan took over in like '80 or '82 he cut taxes on income but raised taxes for social security. Thus the working person paid more taxes and the wealthy paid less. These SS taxes were used by Reagan to fund his cold war military equipment build up and Star Wars Campaign (SDI) initiative. Reagan and Buses have run up our debt tremendously and our foreign trade deficit to the Japanese and now the Chineese comes back to us when they buy are bonds with the dollars we give them. It is irresponsible I tell you, and they do this for their rich friends becasue the rich friends then finance the Republican campaingns. We have a representative government with money on one side, workers, and many other interest groups even though the representatives are elected by geographic region rather than actually by interest group directly. But you two guys wow! all I can say is if you had your way we would be a "dictatorship of the ignorant class". This site may be about Liberty but I think you guys are about something else. You know the NRA gave hunters and gun owners a bad name, I have relatives who were life long members who quit when the NRA went off of the deep end. I think you guys are giving Liberty a bad name with your stupid opinions about not obeying law and lack of knowledge about money and banking. I may not be radical enough for you guys, I think a lot of things need to be tweaked, society, government, institutions need constant monitoring and reforming. But I am not ready to "throw the baby out with the bath water like you guys are". I believe you are wrong about the two classes. Their were partiots and loyalists in both camps even as today. Warren Buffet is a registered Democrat. I don't know about his best friend Bill Gates but Bill Gates is on the record of supporting the Estate Tax, some rich probably consider them traitors to their class just like FDR was. The American Revolution and the French one had much support from the rich and nobility. Ever heard of the Marquis de LaFayette. On the other hand I read that the rich politicians, Washington (richest man in America), Madison, Jefferson, Adams etc designed and supported the Constitution to protect property from a growing populist movement by the the poorer classes. Study Shay's rebellion in Massachusetts during the Articles of Confederation days and I understand some similar unrest in Virgina. Again Hitler set up the German people with ten years of propaganda calling Jews rats and vermin etcetera. I told a German friend "Hitler used the German people." I was shocked when my friend (he lives in SW Germany) said "No! No! the German people used Hitler." It was both I am sure. But Hitler climbed to power on the backs of Jews, so to speak. It reminds me of a speech Bush the first made in Springfield, Illinois in his first Presidential campaign. (You know and I think in so many words you have stated it, that the IRS is the most hated thing in America.) Well in his Springfield speech Bush said, "And another thing we are not going to have the IRS on your backs all of your life." The crowd went wild just like Hitlers crowds went wild when he attacked Jews and bankers. Hitler was a gutter politician and so was Bush. Both Bushes would and did say anything to get elected just like Hitler. But I cannot abide Mike's "compelled compliance" crap nor your money crap. You guys think you espouse liberty but you are not free yourselves. Your intellect is all wrapped up and warped. Ciao

E Archer, NYC

The current debt is due to ALL the bonds the government has 'sold' to the Fed ever since 1934 when FDR made it a crime to own gold (i.e. to own MONEY!) Americans turned in ALL their gold coins and gold certificates (real money) and exchanged them for interest-bearing promissory notes (Federal Reserve Notes, commonly referred to as US dollars). If you can't get your head around this one, you will never get it. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR IN EXISTENCE HAS BEEN BORROWED WITH INTEREST -- that is how the fiat money system works. The private corporation the Federal Reserve simply has been given the 'right' by Congress to 'buy' government bonds with Federal Reserve Notes that they create out of nothing, backed by nothing. All talk about whether the Bush's or Reagan or whatever party you want to blame is irrelevant -- it is the SYSTEM, stupid. Yes, Bush is crippling our economy with nearly a trillion dollars of new debt for the war in Iraq -- all borrowed, all given to their cronies before the inflation sets in, and all laid on the backs of the American worker who's taxes merely pay the interest and all holders of US dollars as the currency crashes. If you can't understand how the US government is completely beholden to this system and completely subservient to the Fed, you will not ever truly understand who runs the show -- not us, not our government, but the banks that have taken over (past tense) our country, laden us all with unpayable debt, and keep loading us up with more to wage wars and confiscate foreign resources in the name of freedom. WAKE UP.

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    Bruce    9/24/07

    Why do you say bonds were sold to the Federal Reserve. I own government bonds in the six figures. If you cannot get your head around the fact that people own government bonds I don't get it. You know if you will accept the smallest lie and make a lie out of the simplest truth you cannot be trusted with anything. If you accept lies then you probably lie yourself. It is like authority: if you can accept no one else's why should anyone accept yours. The world: American people, Social Security, the Chineese, Japaneese and every one else owns US Government Bonds. The National Debt is simply a summation of all of these bonds and twice a day a government employee presses a button on a computer and the total is given. It is simply the summation of all of the registered serial numbered bonds. You have a lot of misconceptions: 1) The Federal Reserve is not a private corporation, it is quasi government institution. It is THE BANK for commercial banks, the ones you and I deal with. Commercial banks own it but any income the Fed earns gets paid to the US Treasury. Just like you and I may have a required minimum deposit at our bank, commercial banks have deposit requirements at the Federal Reserve. This requiremetn provides a cushion should any member commercial bank need funds in a crunch. This system was started after runs on banks caused a crisis in the early 1900's. The issue Archer is not the Federal Reserve or compelled compliance. The issue is how in the hell did you and Mike get so smart while all of the rest of the world got so stupid. Waking up is not good enough you and Mike need to go to college, maybe a community college in your neighborhood if they will have you. The debt can easily be paid. We are a very rich country. After the next election taxes will be increased on the wealthy. We need to have a surplus of 400 billion for 20 years and the debt will be paid off. Go on IRS web sites or google "how much tax cheating each year" or something like that and you will find that it is estimated to be $200 billion. So an increase in enforcement and a slight increase in rates will easily bring in $400 billion. Right now the US Government has a budget of 2.7 trillion. Bringing in an additional $400 billion is only about a 15% increase. It could easily be done but we need to educate the public and people like you. Ross Perot did it during the 1992 campaign and when Clinton got in he raised the taxes although most of the chikens*** politicians would not vote for it and Gore cast the deciding vote. The problem is honest people can not get elected by telling folks that I am going to raise taxes. Thus we get the demogogues like Bush who says I am going to cut your taxes, then he sells bonds and pays interest. There is no free lunch for you or I or the government. Once this debt is paid off then we will have freedom, freedom from the interest and a substantial reduction of tax rates.

    E Archer, NYC

    Bruce says, "Why do you say bonds were sold to the Federal Reserve." Well, that is how it works. The Fed now decides at what interest rate it will buy US Treasury bonds (i.e. T-Bills), not the US government. OK, what is a US T-Bill, government bond? It is a 'promise to pay' the holder of the bond (let's say it is a $25 'savings' bond (my grandmother gave me some once)) -- you pay $20 and in so many years it is worth $25, right? Alright, how did the bond increase in value? Simply, the government 'promises' to pay the interest (which is BTW the interest rate set by the private Fed, not Congress). And how do they guarantee the payment? 'By the full faith and credit of the United States'. Hmm, and how does the United States make that money? Well, they don't, they merely charge us poor peasants the income taxes on our labors. So we 'invest' in US bonds, and the interest is paid by our taxes -- even if it takes every dollar of our money, by God, they will pay out the interest. The US government DOES NOT MAKE ANY MONEY -- they merely tax us to pay out the premiums -- and where does that money come from? Simply, they borrow more. Have you ever heard the term 'Ponzi scheme'? Google it. It is completely illegal for anyone to do -- except the government, apparently. Most government T-bills are held by Americans and foreign 'investors'. But what happens when the People and foreign investors do not buy the bonds -- when they do not support the actions of the government? Well, that is why the Fed was invented -- the 'lender of last resort'! Simply, the charter for the Fed states that they may buy US T-bills with Federal Reserve Notes (that they simply create out of nothing) so that the US government will never be refused 'credit' from the People. So the Fed writes a check for a billion dollars (a check that they merely make up -- simply a 'promise to pay' to buy a T-bill (which is a promise to pay)). So if the Congressional budget calls for 100 billion dollars that Congress does not have, they don't have to go to the People to raise that money, they simply go to the Fed, and the Fed creates (out of nothing) 100 billion dollars in checkbook Federal Reserve Note currency (commonly referred to as US dollars) and the government gets 100 billion 'dollars' (without authorization from the People) and the Fed gets 100 billion dollars worth of interest-bearing T-bills. The US government must keep paying the interest on their T-bills -- whether they are purchased by the Fed, US citizens, or foreign investors (like China and Saudi Arabia). Where does the US government get the money to pay the interest? From US income taxes -- i.e. the IRS, as was the stipulation when the Fed was created. US T-bills are traded on the open market. The Chinese hold several trillion dollars worth, as do the Saudis and other countries. Follow the news and you will discover that since the US dollar is going down (due to massive borrowing, and thus inflation of the currency) countries like China and Saudi Arabia are starting to sell their bonds on the open market for other fiat currencies that are not losing their value -- like the Yen and the Euro, right now. As the dollar begins to be dumped, its value becomes worth less and less. How else can you explain the dollar's slide in the open market over the last few years? And it ain't over yet.

    The Federal Reserve IS a private corporation -- and yes, it is a quasi-government institution -- why? Because Congress needs it to pay off the voters who voted them into office. But it is unelected, and the government is completely beholden to them via their monopolistic bank charter. The total debt owed to the Fed exceeds everything the government has and will EVER have -- and the government has nothing except what the People give it. Bruce says, "The debt can easily be paid." LOL!! Look, every 'dollar' in circulation is a promissory note issued by the Fed -- every single note is an IOU with interest. If every note were returned to the Fed, there would be no more money and we would still owe the outstanding interest -- what do you think these pieces of paper mean?!! Contrary to popular belief, banks do not 'lend' a fraction of the money on hand of others' people's savings -- quite the opposite. The banks 'extend credit' (by legal fiat) based on a fractional reserve they have on deposit. For example, if a 10% 'reserve' is required, then they may issue credit 10 times more than what they have on deposit -- that means that my $1000 deposit allows them to 'loan' $10,000' ($9,000 of which is created out of nothing) and is merely created when a person promises to pay it back. We are dealing in 100% IOU's. Look, the entire currency market is based on this premise -- every currency trader in the world knows this. That is why they investigate how much each country is issuing vs. their corresponding GNP -- and that is why the US dollar has been steadily losing its value for the last 5 years -- and it is really going to plunge in the next year with record bankruptcies and mortgage losses (all part of the system of fiat currencies -- confiscation of mortgaged properties with money they simply created out of nothing). THE PROFITS OF THE FED DO NOT GO TO THE GOVERNMENT!! In fact, the profits of the Fed stay with the Fed -- and are used to fund the Council on Foreign Relations and other interests of the shareholders of the Fed. Would you believe that the Fed holds ALL the gold certificates EVER issued (except for a few still held by collectors)? Once the US government could no longer pay their T-Bill interest in gold (as had always been the case prior to the Fed), the Fed said, OK, you can just pay us interest in Federal Reserve Notes (that they themselves had issued) -- do you know why? Because they had already accumulated ALL the US gold!!! That is right, every single gold dollar stored in the US Treasury now belongs to the Fed!!! (and we still have to pay to keep it safe for them.) Bruce, my friend, you have been duped. I know that you think Mike, Dave,and I (and thousands of currency traders around the world) are fools, but I am afraid it is YOU that has been conned. Your argument above is HERESAY only. There would be no currency market if what you said were true. I am very sorry, but you are dreadfully wrong. But don't take my word for it -- do your own due diligence. Answer simply, where do 'US dollars' (i.e. Federal Reserve Notes) come from? How are they issued? Where does your credit card company get the money you use to buy stuff before you pay them? When someone gets a mortgage, does the bank actually lend money it has or does it merely create money on-the-fly when you 'borrow' it? How much does the US government raise in taxes each year -- how much do they spend -- which is more? -- if they spend more than they raise, where does that extra money come from -- and who must pay it back? What is the total debt of the US government -- what is the total amount of wealth of every man, woman and child in America -- which one is higher? How much of our tax money pays for services -- do you know that in 1980 the Grace Commission reported that 100% of our income taxes merely paid the interest on the country's debt? I could go on, but if you can answer these questions honestly, you will find that we have been duped by the central banking system, and the politicians merely cow-tow to the voters to which they have promised money -- the Republicans promise money to the wealthier classes, and the Democrats promise money to the poorer classes -- and where does this money come from year after year? The Fed, because the US government is absolutely bankrupt. And when the People realize this, there will be a revolution. Bruce says, "Once this debt is paid off then we will have freedom, freedom from the interest and a substantial reduction of tax rates." LOL, sorry, Bruce, the debt can NEVER be repaid unless we start using REAL MONEY again -- every dollar in your pocket is an IOU to the Fed -- read the fine print. Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars!

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      Anonymous    9/25/07

      The system works why mess with it! I am in Palm Beach, Fl looking for the Donald. I did not get a chance to read all you wrote. Do you yet understant that millions of people have loaned money to Uncle. Have never known anyone who had a savings bond.

      warren, olathe

      There has never been a tax cut in recent history that didn't cause an increase in revenue to the government. Deficit spending is the cause of our debt. The government is very liberal with other people’s money. Socialism is never the answer. Socialists never like tax cuts and always love tax increases because tax increases brings us closer to Socialism. (They are really Fascists if you look closely). Freedom of speech is not the last to go, it is the second after guns. No tyrant worth his salt will let the oppressed own guns or speak there minds.

      Bruce, 'Bama

      Warren owning guns make you feel good. And yes I would rather go down fighting than go down like a lamb. But don't be lulled inot thinking that shotguns, 30/30's etc are going to protect your from the force of the law if it is against you. That guy at Ruby Ridge lost his wife remember. A deficit in government or a annual loss in business is the same thing. They are caused by a shortfall in revenue or excess of expenses. IF YOUR LOGIC IS CORRECT THEN AN ELIMINATION OF TAXES (100% TAX CUT) WOULD RAISE TAX REVENUE, kind of absurd don't you think. Hold on to your guns but don't let them lull you into complacency about using your voice. And use your voice for more than just talking about your guns.

      Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

      The National Debt is approaching $9 trillion. The US was in worse shape in 1931 as far as national debt as a percentage of GDP. The Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter got the debt from WWII almost eliminated. (I think the '50 recession screwed up Eisenhower's budget) (Note: That is four democrats and two republicans.) Every President since then except for Bill Clinton increased the national debt tremendously (Reagan and Bushes). The $9 trillion is owed as follows: $3 trillion to SS, $2 trillion to medicare, $2 trillion to foreign interests (Chineese, Japanese etcetera) $2 trillion to "the man on the street Americans" hell they owe me $000,000 six figures. So I don't know Archer these figures leave little or zero owed to the Federal Reserve as you say. Write this down and put it under your pillow, "the next Administration will increase taxes and work to reduce the deficit and pay down the debt". Just last week Alan Greenspan said that the Bush/Chenny tax cut was the wrong thing to do. Archer if you want to continue talking about the Federal Reserve my direct email is

      Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

      Archer or anyone can you answer the following for me. I hear some talking about the government paying it's bills by simply turning on the printing presses. Can anyone tell me of a time when this ever happened. Give me a date when gobs of greenbacks were printed and used to lower the deficit or public debt. Why do we have a Bureau of Public Debt if they can and do just print more green and use it to pay ever one off. Thanks in advance.

      Lyle Myhr, Helena Montana

      I enjoyed reading the responses and interrelated discussions about my quote. Thank you all very much.

      Anonymous, Philadelphia

      This quote is written in the same style as Pastor Martin Niemoeller's quote

      JOHNNYbGOOD, buffalo,ny

      Awesome quote Lyle,how true,how sad.

      Steve, Chicago

      Niemoller just rolled over in his grave.

      RalphPierre, Lacombe, La

      Has anyone seen the movie about the ARMED revolt in 1946 in Athens, Tennessee? Google up 'The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law'.
      This was an ARMED revolt against TYRANNY in local government, and the local government did not succeed in taking over the elections of a local town.

      Johan, Berlin

      Nice, you steal somebody else's quote, change a few words and now your a hero. You people are idiots ! I really hope you start a uprising, it's time to thin the herd of people like you. Your to stupid to live.

      Rebel Angel, British Columbia

      Who the fuck is Lyle Myhr. If I'm not mistaken the most famous Lyle Myhr I know of, is or was a Herald reporter.

      That quote is not original. It is an adaptation of the original quote by Martin Niemller, a German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor from WWII. The original quote goes like this:

      Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
      habe ich geschwiegen;
      ich war ja kein Kommunist.

      Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
      habe ich geschwiegen;
      ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

      Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
      habe ich nicht protestiert;
      ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

      Als sie die Juden holten,
      habe ich nicht protestiert;
      ich war ja kein Jude.

      Als sie mich holten,
      gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte.

      (In English)
      When the Nazis came for the communists,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a communist.

      When they locked up the social democrats,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a social democrat.

      When they came for the trade unionists,
      I did not speak out;
      I was not a trade unionist.

      When they came for the Jews,
      I remained silent;
      I wasn't a Jew.

      When they came for me,
      there was no one left to speak out.

      Be Wise Everybody!!! ;-)

      Sid, Anytown

      Bruce obviously don't know history....remember the War of Northern Aggression!!! Brucey...or maybe you'd like to lice in Syria, or Venezuela, or Argentina, or maybe Mexico?!?!

      jim k, austin tx

      Bruce, better to be quiet and be thought an idiot than speak and remove all doubt.

      Norm Golly, Jacson

      Checking mail, for daily quotes is a joyful daily routine I so,look forward to.

      Your "rate these quotes" forums also provide food for thought. I am reminded of the "federalist"our founders, when so many wise men disagree.
      Disagreeing eventually to name calling.


      E Archer, NYC

      Hey, Bruce, since you asked, ever heard of 'Quantitative Easing'? Just a fancy word for printing money. In a depressed economy, there is less borrowing by businesses and individuals, and the money supply contracts. This means there are less tokens in the game with which to trade. Interest rates are lowered to promote borrowing and increasing the money supply (because when a 'loan' is paid back it disappears from the money supply -- money is created when it is borrowed and destroyed when it is paid back -- that is the mechanism of our fiat currency).

      So to 'jump start' the economy, the US government gave the Federal Reserve a few trillion dollars worth of bonds (promises-to-pay) in exchange for a deposit in the government bank account of a few trillion dollars. Here is where it happens: the Fed has a right to issue currency -- i.e. create money, print money -- and when they deposited that money in the US bank account it was created right then and there -- it did not exist before. BOOM - money from thin air. Now, when the government buys back those bonds at interest with 'dollars', the bond is torn up, and the dollars are removed from circulation and are no longer in the money supply, they are gone.

      So QE1, 2, 3, 4 had to be spread out so as not to dilute the existing dollars' value too quickly, but inevitably the value of a 'dollar' must go down to compensate. But all this has done is prop up the stock market and large corporations at tremendous debt burden to the People (it's called voting for money). But it is all on borrowed time, and will create booms and busts along the way. They will do anything except face the true cause and return to an interest-free currency. Why? Because it is IMMENSE POWER to control all the money of a nation, and they did not get it by accident -- they have 'all the money in the world' literally and will use it to keep this system in place.

      I do believe that we will need multiple currencies each with their own floating values and risks. We will always need credit, but it should not be at the expense of the real thing. Bring back silver and gold coins and certificates as authorized by the Constitution -- we can have fiat currency, too, but we must not be forced to accept it in lieu of cash (real money). Bitcoin is a fiat currency with strict rules for issuance -- many look to it as a medium of exchange. Phone cards are hard currency -- any kind of coupon issued by a producer backed by goods is issuing a hard currency. It is possible to create an asset backed Bitcoin type currency that represented hard assets like water, oil, electricity, food. The primary cause of our economic woes is the compelled use of 'US dollars' for trade. They are not money, they are interest-bearing debts -- it is like saving water in a leaking vase -- and it all has to be paid back, even that which leaked out! The game is rigged, and when the music stops, someone is going to get stuck with the hot potato.

      SCSURFR, La Mirada

      Without the contract between the federal government, the states, and the people, there would never have been a United States. There is also a process in place to amend the contract. Anyone having a disagreement with any of the provisions of the Constitution is free to use that process to amend it. If there is not enough agreement among the stakeholders to change it, no government or court is free to do otherwise.

      Ronw13, Yachats Or

      Well said Norm, Better said Mike and Archer. The broader overview, as to Bruce's frustrations of straddling a fence. Our founding fathers having thousands of years of knowledge concerning ( ancient ) doctrines of liberty and freedom at their fingertips, well written and very keen to point. When published became a fire in the mind of the individuals that would embrace this ordaining by God and not man. So much so our founding fathers Declare it to be so, it was the only logical choice they had to plant the true seeds of liberty and freedom within the minds of their children. They knowing very well the corruption within, that would side with compelled compliance, corp privilege. These were righteous men called for a purpose. To put forth the experiment. Whether the seed of the Individual Sovereign would live. It is a very bright light in the long dark night. Semper Fi


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