Manuel Garcia O'Kelly Davis Quote

“Seems to be a deep instinct in human beings for making everything compulsory that isn't forbidden.”

~ Manuel Garcia O'Kelly Davis

"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

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Logan, Memphis, TN

Well said.

Mike, Norwalk

'And' there is becoming less and less and less and less that is forbidden

Dick, Fort Worth

Without more information can't see that this makes any sense whatsoever.

E Archer, NYC

I would say that more and more is becoming compulsory... prohibitions abound.

Mike, Norwalk

Freedom of religion was one of those that wasn't forbidden but, is now compulsory (entitlements, 2nd plank of the communist manifesto, a god enforced life style of victimless crimes, religious sacraments such as marriage, sacrifice of the unborn on the alter of pleasure and life style, etc., etc., etc.) With a deep instinct of hate / war / control mongering, a minority of human beings govern by their national establishment of religion, it having compulsory socialistic and other depraved dogmas.


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