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“I will no longer pay for the destruction of my country, family, and self. Damn tyranny! Damn the Federal Reserve liars and thieves! Damn all pettifogging, oath-breaking US attorneys and judges.… I will see you all in Hell and shed my blood before I will be robbed of one more dollar to finance a national policy of treason, plunder, and corruption”

~ Marvin Cooley

in his book The Big Bluff: Tax Tyranny in the Guise of Law : the Constitution Vs. the Tax Collector, 1971

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Mike, Norwalk

Marvin Cooley was a great and fearless man that loved inalienable rights and liberty at natural law. That I could rate this innumerable times with countless stars. YES! ! !

Mike, Pleasant Hill

The American people have been robbed of their real wealth and replaced it with a debt instrument that has only the imagination to place its value in the marketplace. How fragile that must be to maintain the balance of printing worthless paper money pumping it into the economy In the form of bank loans and attempting to keep inflation at bay by taxing it out of existence.

That's why we have one party dedicated to raising taxes all the time to give cover to the Fed using the rates as valves to hold the demon inflation at bay, but they can never fully do it then we hear people saying that prices are going up but there looking through the wrong end of the telescope prices are going up, the buying power of the dollar has gone down and has steadily since 1913 When Congress relinquish control of setting the value of gold and silver coins I believe it is article 1 section 10 that covers that. Setting up the Federal Reserve now that was a true successful conspiracy pulled off by international bankers.


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