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“In 1847, Marx and Engels proposed ten steps to convert the Western nations to Communist countries without firing a shot. Most of these ideas have been successfully implemented in our own country with little, if any, resistance! ... One of the ten steps called for "centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly" just like our own Federal Reserve! ... Another of the ten steps called for instituting "a heavy progressive or graduated income tax" just like our own federal income tax! ... Another step proposed by Marx and Engels was "abolition of all right of inheritance," which we come ever closer to as inheritance taxes increase. Taking wealth at gunpoint, if necessary that one person has created and given to another person is theft. Whether the wealth creator is alive or dead, the act and the impact are the same. Another step was "free education for all children in public schools." Although our country still has many private schools in addition to the public ones, the content of both is dictated by aggression-through-government, to teach aggression. Marx and Engels also recommended the "extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state." In the past century, more and more services have become exclusive, subsidized government monopolies (e.g., garbage collection, water distribution, mass transit, etc.). As a result, we pay twice as much for lower quality service! Marx also called for the "centralization of the means of communications and transport in the hands of the state." Television and radio stations are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. A station that does not pursue programming considered "in the public interest" is stopped at gunpoint, if necessary from further broadcast. ... Radio stations have an elite ownership as well. Those who benefit from aggression-through-government have little incentive to tell the public that licensing is a tool of the rich! ... Another of the ten steps calls for "confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels" ... [O]ur law enforcement agents can seize the wealth of anyone suspected of drug crimes without a trial! [T]he Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has also been seizing the assets of taxpayers without a trial if the IRS thinks they might have underpaid their taxes! The wealth we have created can be taken from us at gunpoint, if necessary without a formal accusation or a chance to defend ourselves! ... In addition, Marx and Engels called for "abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes." In other words, land would not be privately owned. No homesteading would be permitted. Our federal and local governments have title to 42% of the land mass of the United States. Most of the remaining land is under government control as well. For example, today's homeowners can pay off their mortgages, but must still pay property taxes to the local government. If they stop payments, their property is taken from them. They are, in essence, renting their home from the local government.”

~ Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle, Ch 19. (1992)

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LOU, Anytown, USA

Poppycock! Many of the statements are self-contradictory. Is this the work of some tea party nut-job, or what? Half of the quotes read like a recipe for anarchy. And she's a "doctor"? She needs to see a real doctor-- and not a medical one (unless it happens to be a psychiatrist. Why do people follow nutjobs like this?.

Tog, Caersws

Excellent. I love statistics like these that reveal a little of how much power some love to covet.

Alexia, Sarasota

Excellent warning in time for an election.

Anonymous, Keeseville, ny

She makes good points about "earned" She is a selfish person to total fault, like so many in our government. IMO it should always be that a state of private property and collectivism both exist in a country, as human nature seems to always tend to the selfish to total fault as history has always shown. Inotherwords, if either a totally private or totally public state exists, it will be totally corrupt eventually due to lack of powers needed to keep it accountable and honest. Her statement about having "earned" great wealth has the usual flaws of not honoring the work ethic, which would have to be honored in this country's Constitution as an amendment if I were to truly support it. I suppose she could have "earned" her great wealth by just sitting on her behind as her gold collection appreciated with no work on her part; then the other mistake of making gold "money" ;would complete that travesty, sealing the working public's fate, as has the immoral Federal Reserve's antics of the last 100 years.

J Carlton, Calgary

It's great to see that not only here at Liberty Tree, but everywhere you look. people are waking up to the criminal system of control that crept in like a cancer. people are arming themselves to the teeth, people are voting out the socialist morons...people are once again becoming "moral".

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

The crazed incoherent and inconsistent rantings of a nut-job...

jim k, Austin,Tx

Lou and Reston, don't be late for your Communist party meeting. This quote is right as rain, just observe our government since Franklin Roosevelt tried to become dictator. Actually it started long before that, Franklin just hurried it along with his "New Deal".

cal, lewisville, tx

Lou and Reston, say hello to your fellow democrats at your Communist party meeting. Jim K, ya'll get Lloyd Dog-terd out of congress next week so he can be chairman of the communist party.

John Pettitt, va

socialist goals have been adopted by the US to a large degree. This cannot be disputed. So instead of disputing the quote, the haters start name calling! Clearly they dont have any facts to contradict the quote.

J Carlton, Calgary

Reston's underlying message seems to be one of rejection...based on what we don't know, what with socialists being as articulate as they are. Oh well, what can we expect from those who, in willfull ignorance, advocate a dead end philosophy?

Brian Blanchette, Richmond

What is the alternative then? Anarchists holding their land at gunpont against barbarians? No, and communism is not always the enemy. Check out any definition of Fascism, and you will see there is always a marriage with capitalism, in which the government is run by and for the benefit of business. So, who is the new boss? Same as the old boss.

dfmccabe, pittsburgh

What do I think,,, I think playing the "Anonymous" card is a cop-out and makes a statement about one's lack of commitment and character... As for the quote, history cannot lie, marxism/socialism, is what it is, if we don't mind history and learn from it, we are bound to repeat it.

Justin, Elkland

I hope in my lifetime that I will live in a republic. Socialist democracy be damned.

Joy, Papillion, NE

What she's saying makes sense but she's got it backward....the "Corporation" has been working hard to achieve all of these things way before Engels and Marx penned words to paper. Communism is the boogey-man that has been used in this country by the Corporatocracy to take our eyes off the ball! Now, they have the added "evil of terrorist killers" to make sure we don't look behind the curtain and see that all of these things are the plotting of their CEO's and the Banker's who long ago started "buying" OUR representatives---who, by the way, care not one wit whether we vote because they know who is behind the curtain and whose money pays for their campaign successes! Communism--bah, humbug! Socialism has been a god send in a country where the Corporatocracy is the "wizard" calling all the shots and handing us this crap called the "American dream"----about which the late George Carlin declared: "They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!"

J Carlton, Calgary

Brian, why is it that those who advocate socialism always go to extremes? Who said anything about anarchy? What's wrong with limited government and freedom of choice combined with a "justice" system. You know..."America". I don't think that's been tried in a while...

Mike, Norwalk

At law, the quote only scratches the surface. The lawful depths of how socialism's (communism, progressivism, fascism, etc.) government of men has replaced the constitutional representative republic's government of law is far uglier and pervasive than here expressed. The ignorant here that would imply anarchy as the only alternative to socialism have not just forgotten history but have no knowledge of freedom, liberty, law, individual sovereignty or unalienable rights, personal responsibility or justice. If I were to rate this quote with less than 5 stars, it would be because it didn't go far enough.

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

Great quote and easily seen as is applied to today. Mike, I agree completely - I do think the word is inalienable, no? Just a thought.

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RBESRQ    10/27/10

Both Joy and Mike make good points - Marx and Engels new the inherent problems with unfettered capitalism. They new also that democracy on its own would implode without socialism. If you wish another ten pages on the subject please email me at robken16@gmail.com

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    RBESRQ    10/27/10

    Or better still read his books...

    Elaine, Atlanta

    Agree with every word. I have learned so much in the last two years that I have so much information and having a hard time organizing it in my head. Bilderberg was one of the hardest to grasp. Kissinger choosing Obama for Global One World Order here in America is another. For everyone to be under the UN is not what Americans want. We need them out of our country. There is so much that we as Americans do not know and need to find out and stop as soon as possible. Some of those we thought we trust and find out we can't has saddened me to think what kind of world have we brought our children in to.

    L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

    There is some merit to this tirade. One has to dissect the Republican (read Big C in Canada; J. Carlton) rhetoric from what history has actually demonstrated. Clearly licensing and taxation is a no-brainer but control over public utilities (water, electrical, garbage collection, etc.) has to remain in a publicly controlled forum. The deregulation of these in our province has been an absolute disaster. J. Carlton will back me on this. Latest were the electrical utilities that now operate in collusion to the point where we haven't built a new major power plant since 1980. Our infrastructure is falling apart and now that the corporations are in control there is no hope of bringing new producers into the grid because they won't build new infrastructure to support new production. So our electrical costs are some of the highest in North America and will stay that way until we take our utilities back.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Interesting perspective L Hanson. I'm going to ask my friend Danielle Smith (you know who she is) what she thinks should happen here. Like me she's an idealist, but also a realist.

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      RBESRQ    10/27/10

      Elaine, how about stopping the wars - I here very little of this from those on the right. Be active and shout no more wars GET OUT OF Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq and STOP overthrowing democratically elected governments because they disagree with American policy's.

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        RBESRQ    10/27/10

        That would be a start..............

        Daniel Patrick Hall, Riverdale NY

        This is why I went to http://OurName4Freedom.ws and created http://DanielHall4Freedom.ws and am building a small business online network. Every FREE citizen of these United States can do this. All in small business for themselves. The network I am growing is displayed on http://meetup.com/EndlessReferrals Small Business is the BACKBONE of America. Millions upon millions of us can do this.

        Chad, El Cajon, CA

        Fair enough. Not presented(or meant to I imagine) as a super articulate logical construction, but too much truth nonetheless. I find it interesting that the naysayers have little more to say than that you are nuts. LOU- I can see how you could claim that some things are incorrect or you don't think one thing equates to another, but I fail to see your asserted "self contradictory" statements. Example? And Anonymous from Reston, VA - Do articulate the incoherence. Again, you may not agree, but I don't see this as incoherent. Perhaps not the best format for speaking with other commentators......

        E Archer, NYC

        Excellent!! Reminds me of the quote, "A radical is one who speaks the truth." -- Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

        Publius, USA

        RBESRQ, you have commented here that democracy would implode on its own without socialism. I agree, in a democracy, measures are too often decided not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority. Such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths. A democracy is nothing more than two wolves and sheep voting on what their having for lunch. Socialism also disregards the rights of the individual citizen in effort to please a higher percentage of the people, at severe cost to liberty and justice. In each system, the limitation of your liberty and property is dictated by an overbearing political power rather than your own rights, labor, skills, and brilliance. Luckily, we do not, nor have we ever, lived in a democracy. We live in a republic that was founded to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, PROMOTE (not ensure, not control) the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty. Nowhere does democracy or socialism fit in.

        Publius, USA

        J Carlton, in your first comment, you spoke of your happiness that people are waking up and taking back this country. I too share that happiness. But we must remind ourselves that the fight has only begun. The government, like a precious metal, is refined by fire. It takes heat and time to raise the impurities to the surface where they can be removed. We have begun to apply heat, now we need time. And of course, MORE HEAT.

        J Carlton, Calgary

        "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." -Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party six time presidential candidate 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940

        J Carlton, Calgary

        That's right Publius, the opportunity now exists to decimate the Democratic party, then put the RINO's under a microscope...

        Tom LaMar, Keeseville, ny

        Sorry about being "anonymous"; forgot to fill in the blank; I have the same problems with other disgusting socialistic conventions our country has developed, say at the motor vehicle bureau. My name is Tom LaMar from Keeseville NY, checkout one of my "Americanisms" at : http://www.historiclakes.org/saratoga/saratoga.htm

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          RBESRQ    10/28/10

          Carlton, we are the most socialized state in the west but without the benefits of socialism - wake up America. And, Publius, heat will not be a problem; a hammer is also needed to shape the molten steel and I think both you and I know what the hammer will be....

          WMITN13, USA

          Rightly dividing knowledge, perspective from a clear point of view. Dr Ruwart has struck a nerve with the few socialist giving thumbs down in the group. Mike Norwalk five stars. When we cut aright to ourselves the doctrines of liberty and freedom we stand accordingly upon that knowledge and confidence given us by God and the constitution. Being free is the challenge of life, we have liberty, though oppressed fiscally. The heat is turning up ! 2nd Tim 2:15 KJB. If governments were on a time line, and a time to know what is to you, now is that time. Administrations are ordained of God as this time of ( grace ), liberty and freedom. Yes and there are thirteen bars and strips on the flag.

          Whitepaladin, Lubbock

          To Lou in Anytown. Why do nuts like you make statements like yours but fail to provide any facts? Because you don't have any to rebut her with.

          J Carlton, Calgary

          Robert...there are NO benefits to socialism...just look to present day Europe right now...it's in meltdown mode after becoming a Union...and it didn't take very long either. Look at history...all socialist society's have been a complete failure. I'll pass on that thanks....free enterprise and personal motivation combined with personal responsibility for my own actions are what make my world go around. American Socialism is a cancer and will destroy America...in fact it's already doing so.

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            RBESRQ    10/28/10

            Carlton, you are wrong the USA is at the bottom of the heap when it comes to the quality of life - we are no 37 in health and 49th in mortality, and 23 re standard of living. The cancer is not socialism its the fiat economy - wake up America. "The collapse of the credit system in this country last year has pulled the mask off the real economy. And what has been revealed is that there was nothing behind it. The only growth obtained (as reflected in the US GDP) has been a direct result of credit growth."

            Publius, USA

            RBESRQ, I must agree with Carlton's comment that there are NO benefits to socialism. The one so-called benefit is an equal distribution of wealth. History shows that the citizens of every socialist state obtained not an equal level of wealth, but an equal degree of poverty. To take the prospect of a self-made fortune from an economy is to remove the ambition from every individual within that economy. If the citizens of a nation are unable to obtain a higher degree of wealth and property than their peers, they will have no ambition to create ground breaking products or come up with new innovative ideas. They will have no reason to form a business, invest in already existing businesses, or even further their education. As a result, growth will decline, and if a society is not growing, its dieing. As far the USA being at the bottom in quality of life, there are more people in this country dieing of eating too much than there are dieing of starvation.The average American has more disposable time (time not spent working) than they ever have in history. Thousands of Americans stand in long lines to purchase the newest iPhone, iPad, video game, or whatever other disposible devices that are unecessary for life. Thousands pay a hefty price to pack in football stadiums every Saturday and Sunday, and nearly everyone in this country pays monthly bills for cell phones and cable or satellite TV. If our quality of life was as low as you claim it to be, we would not invest so much time and money in such arbitrary things.

            Santus Emporium, West Hollywood

            I think some of Ruwart's quotes made "Jokes For The John/Toilet Humor." But only the better ones.

            Formosa Philistine, Kalamazoo

            The last time I heard Mary Ruwart speak was on a Friday night in Kalamazoo at the old Trophy Room. Back then Mary thought prescription tranquilizers and pain killers should be declassified so you could buy them over the counter without a lot of hassle. Mary also talked in length about a model society based on her astral trips to the planet Venus. There, where there were absolutely no restrictions placed on society whatsoever, where such technicalities like minimum wage, equal opportunity employers and drunk driving laws were non-existent she also got in touch with her inner lesbian side. In Marys own words it was the pleasure to be. Whatever, everyone thought she was crazy; or brain damaged or high out of her gourd on some kind of extra terrestrial weed. After all these years its comforting to know some things never change including Marys multiple personalities coupled with bouts of depression and schizophrenia, Marys lunacy makes the rest of us very normal and ordinary. Thanks loads doll.

            Julian Bartow, Kalamazoo

            Mary is crazy. Years ago she was a regular at the old Plainwell Sanitarium where she underwent shock therapy to try to make her normal. Obviously it didn't work.


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