MolièreMolière, [Jean-Baptiste Poquelin] (1622-1673) French playwright

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“It is madness beyond compare To try to reform the world.”

~ Molière

The Misanthrope, 1666

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Mike, Norwalk

Those one worlders that have financed their form or reform are in my estimation mad. Who else but sick individuals would so hate the nobility of life, freedom, liberty, law, and justice so as to perpetrate the events of today? There was a brief moment in history after that constitutionally limited representative republic's birth where, a shock wave exploded throughout the world offering a reform to freedom.

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Anon    11/27/09

Right Mike, they are arrogant madmen and when attempts are made to stop them as their power grows, their true nature, sociopathic psychopaths will be more blantantly revealed to everyone, especially those who refuse to bend to their will or should I say refuse to bow down and worship them.

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RBESRQ    11/27/09

Tell that to the White House... and their boss, the CIA

Becky, Illinois

So, I suppose writing new federalist papers is out of the question....dangit. I was going to do that this week. I don't want to reform the entire world but someone does need to intervene on behalf of 'We the People'!!! What is it going to take to make a dent? It hasn't been enough that our economy is tanking. This "upswing" is temporary. It hasn't been enough to jack up our deficit to mind-boggling proportions. The out of control Non-Federal Reserve should send chills down the spine of every freedom loving American, but it doesn't even make a dimple. Just because most of the actions of our new reckless leader are "unprecedented" does not mean they are right or good for our nation. These corporate takeovers haven't been enough to cause much alarm as they definitely should. All this talk about globalization is minimized by virtually everyone with any authority and subsequent possibility to make a real show of dissent. I am amazed at the empathy our nation is showing. Amazed in a bad way, folks. We are in deep trouble as a nation. Spending our way out of a recession is not going to work. We need to realize that the powers that be are deliberately undermining us. If America doesn't recover we will be forced into this New World Order that has been dogging us for decades. This is not a change 'We the People' need or is; however, a change the politicians want. It was once rumored that they used to work for us...not against us. Wow, that would have been nice.

E Archer, NYC

Reforming the world is arrogance. More death and destruction has been caused by those trying to reform the world than for any other reason. Reform yourselves, leave the world alone!


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