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“It's about food. It’s about your home. It’s about your life. The government is worried about all of the above. All I’m saying is you should be worried they’re worried. Here’s why: They’re telling you that you can’t take care of yourself. You can’t be trusted with what you put in your mouth or what you sign on the mortgage dotted line. So they’ll tell you what to put in your mouth and they’ll save you from what you signed on that dotted line. Does anyone see a trend here? Personal responsibility has now become government responsibility.”

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Dougmcr8, Springfield, VA

This is how we'll defeat Liberals and their Socialist agenda. Simple, common sense words. At least to those Americans who want to be free. Cavuto's perty good......

Like_Mike, Smithfield, VA

The best kind of politician talk - cuts straight to the point and is in the best interest of the people.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

We are all worried about these things and when we come together in families, villages, counties, states and nations as committes etcetera we worry about these things. As far as food you should read about the Green Revolution started by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Mexican Government in the 1940's that saved Mexico and the world from starvation. Knee jerk folks that cannot get past the word government need to get a life. I thought it was corporations and Madison Avenue that tell us what to eat, buy, dress and how to live. Cavuto is a jerk.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Well said Waffler. In a time when you bought your food directly from the person who grew/raised it you could know if it is safe or not. That day, sadly, is long gone. Thus you need a proxy to keep their eyes open to these issues for you. That proxy can not be the business that wants to buy crap and sell it to you as gold, rather it can and should be your representative in society: government. The same argument applies to all of the other areas Cavuto whines about.

warren, olathe

Only an absolute idiot could disagree with that quote. Corporations want to sell you on what to eat or wear. The left wants to tell you what to eat or wear Waffler. There is a big difference.

E Archer, NYC

The Rockefeller's saved the world from starvation? Waffler, you are too gullible. And as far as 'proxies' like the FDA for protecting us from 'bad' food, Reston, don't be a fool. The FDA is made up of the heads of the very businesses that poison us with their crap while keeping real food and herbs off the shelves because the profits are too low for them. We cannot trust these governmental 'proxies' anymore -- they have become protectorates of corporate greed and the enemy of wholistic approaches to health everywhere. The nanny-state has become the nanny-from-hell state -- we're better off taking our own chances.

Joe, North Caldwell, NJ

Jeez, give the ad hominems a rest -- they make YOU sound like an idiot. I don't want the government telling me what to eat or wear, but if something I eat or wear might be dangerous, I want to know about it so I can make my OWN decision on whether to eat it or wear it. And who's going to give me that information if the government doesn't? The manufacturer? Is that so hard a concept for the Cavutos of the world to understand? Apparently it is.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Archer the Wikepedia says that the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored a project that was headed up in Mexico and produced many solutions that helped agrbusiness not only in Mexico but throughout the world in the '40's thru '70's so that we seldom hear of starvation anymore from crop failure, just from war. This Green Revolution unfortunately has now led to the population revolution. If you don't know that "government" is involved in agri policy in this and in every country on this planet and has been since time immemorial, Archer, it is you that is naive. Have you never heard of the Egyptian Prime Minsiter Joseph - The Jew, and how he saved Egypt from starvation? (Archer I did not say the Rockefellers did it I said the Green Revolution did it. There you go knee jerking again.)

E Archer, NYC

Hey, Joe, ever hear of an independent press? Or how about 10,000 private associations of professionals? What about your relatives and friends? We don't need monopolistic government agencies to tell us what is good for us -- they cannot be trusted if they are the sole source. The government is not giving you the ability to decide what is good for you -- they regulate the choices -- that is racketeering and profits are the number one concern. The war on drugs is a perfect example -- while most of the prescription drugs being marketing on TV have deadly side effects, natural medicines and herbs are declared 'illegal.' The FDA 'legalizes' genetically modified plants and animals and forces them on farmers around the world -- a farmer cannot even produce his own seed because these hybrids are sterile and requires the farmer to purchase his own seed every year. Dependency upon government is the intent, and it has cost many their lives and liberties. Wake up, Joe, blind trust in government is infantile.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, your Malthusianism is showing again. How can you lap this stuff up? The 'Green Revolution' (instigated by the Rockefellers and aided by the Ford Foundation, World Bank, and IMF -- all globalist arms of the new world order) has had major social and ecological impacts, which have drawn intense criticism for introducing imported High Yield Variety (HYV) of Rice and Wheat that required imported irrigation pumps, diesel, fertilisers and pesticides and constructed embankments to stop overflow of nutrient rich river water. Instead of improving traditional varieties - there were about 30,000 varieties of rice in this sub-continent - now exists only about 8 varieties. Supporters of industrial farming often claim that sustainable agriculture (i.e. small independent farming) is not an economically viable way to produce food. They believe large-scale factory farming is the most efficient way to produce huge quantities of cheap food. What these advocates fail to recognize is that the seemingly low price of industrial food does not take into account the true costs of production. These hidden costs include environmental degradation, use of fossil fuels, damage to human health, and the destruction of rural communities. These costs are not paid for by the owners of factory farms; they are paid for by residents of the communities in which these operations are located, by taxpayers and by consumers. Small farmers cannot afford the high expense, and often lose their land to corporate farms. Indigenous people are forced off their land and into ghettos in the city. Pesticides and chemicals ruin the land and poison the food. IN the end, the land is placed into the hands of the most wealthy, the crops are patented and the farmer cannot raise his own food (as he had for millenia), and the government and its citizens are further into debt to the World Bank/IMF (i.e. the Rockefellers). The Rockefellers DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!! 4 million family farms in America have been lost to this delusion -- and now the 'Green Revolution' is spreading to Asia and Africa. it is a revolution alright, only it's not what people think.

Mike, Norwalk

The spouting of such gross ignorance as would pass as fact here is staggering. The re-definition of words and concepts has left out any and all understanding of freedom, liberty, life, happiness, reason, truth, economics of prosperity 101, personal responsibility, a sovereign's representative form of government, etc. Socialism (borg style) has become the replacement for the sovereign individual's personal responsibility. It will take more than this blog to educate those religious devotees of governmental indoctrination so that they may understand the truth or this quote.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

"It will take more than this blog to educate those religious devotees of governmental indoctrination so that they may understand the truth or this quote." Please, Mike, what can we do? Cheers!

J Carlton, Calgary

The quote is simply "dead on". Our children are taught socialist crap in school. The government's recommended diet is killing us. Our right to property is going down the drain. The "Conservative's" are now running the largest government's in N American history. The Liberals are just about openly communist. Gun control is getting a lot of hysterical hype. The media is peddling fiction and misinformation. And on and on and on... And now we have yet another dog in the surveillance kennel courtesy of "W". America, it was really special to know you back when....

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Governments have been involved in agriculture at least since Josephy in Egypt so you radicals who see a socialist bugaboo at the corner of every corn field need to really get a life. Government involvement in this sector of life is older than the hills. You guys are really sick in seeing this as some modern phenom.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Wikipedia, eh? lol. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth," and thanks to "wikiality" (thank you Colbert) the Wafflers of the world can live in their own delusional bubble of "truthiness". - 45k -

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RobertSRQ    2/28/08

Then why do we have the costliest healthcare system in the world, why do we have over one million children abuse each year, why does the government take our homes if we don't pay our taxes, why do we have 70 million Americans living on the poverty level - give me a break - this country needs a change and perhaps being more compassionate instead of fighting stupid wars that deplete our coffers - we are fast becoming a third world country much like the others, that all they have is a mighty army. This country is run buy corrupt politicians, corporate greed, theocratic wannabe's -- we need CHANGE and now.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Crazy though that the politicians who are screaming the most for progressive changes (Obama, Clinton, and McCain) all want to either fast-track our country into socialism/communism or escalate the same course of mindless warfares. Death (the war) and taxes (universal health care and other socialistic trends) -- there is no "change" going on, it's politics as usual. The "right" and "left" are simply characterizing different symptoms of the same disease.

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    RobertSRQ    2/28/08

    Sorry! I forgot to add; we don't have a government in American we have politicians who are on the payroll of corporations that is not a GOVERNMENT. We have a right-wing media that fights for its life by reporting news that supports the agenda of its advertisers, we have a possible Republican president who wants a 100 years of war (I would be more concerned who is VP is). I do not buy what the media or this quasi government tells me to buy -- since I have stopped buying food in supermarkets I am saving money and feel healthier -- I have never bought food or clothing from any ad. Obviously America would go broke if they depended on the likes of me. Waffler, well done, your points are well taken in the honesty they were meant.

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    Yes, governments HAVE been involved in agriculture, economics, and a vast array of other things... and many times justifiably so. It's a false premise, however, to say that since something has been done in one situation that it can be done in another. If you understand the premise, history, and philosophical foundations of monarchies (for example), you'll know that Government infiltration into agriculture is very justifiable. The monarch, king, or emperor, as exemplified in England's old feudal system, Rome's Caesar, or Egypt's Pharaoh, is the only sovereign that exists. The people, in this case, were not considered to have any inalienable rights-- only what the sovereign (monarch/king/emperor) gave them. Pharaoh could then justifiably have his hands in business, agriculture, economics, and anything else he wished (when he wished), because he was the only "free" and "sovereign" entity within the kingdom and everyone else that existed within his stated boundaries were subjects/slaves/serfs to him and his will (remember, "Joseph SERVED in Pharaoh's court"-- although he was second in command to everything Pharaoh had, he wasn't a free man--Pharaoh was still the sovereign). In the United States, however, "We the People" are all individually sovereign, because we acknowledge that we "are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights" that are ours regardless of what any other power says; otherwise, these rights are ALIENABLE. In OUR system of government, because the people are the sovereign entities that aren■t ruled over by kings/monarchs/emperors/pharaohs/etc., the government doesn't have the same justifiable and legitimate ability to infiltrate business, agriculture, or many of the things that the despots of old have justifiably been able to do. So, while government infiltration into society is as "old as the hills," that doesn't mean that it is justifiable for it to continue under our current system of government; different premise of operation, remember? (that is, unless you think we're a monarchy) If we were to use Waffler's logic and say that since governments HAVE done something that we are justified to repeat them, then we'd be subject to the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts, and mass murders at the whim of the government... Sorry, I don't think so. Try to come up with a more firm foundation for argument next time.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Editor, I can't thank you enough for this blog. Here, we (by far, and mostly you) have influenced many and changed the minds of a few. My comment was addressed to the hard core intentionally shallow that relish slave-hood, religiously redefining and justifying their masters. Neither this blog, truth, freedom, nor liberty will do any thing to dissuade such, so all we can do is what we can and this blog is part of that. Thanks again, you are providing a phenomenal service.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    Good Logan real good! All I was saying and you seem to agree is that government in agriculture is not new. Thus the right wing never ending witch hunt is as usual just a fraud.

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    It's not a witch hunt if the government doesn't belong there as per the premise of our government (as opposed to other forms of government where such infiltration would be legitimate). If the government doesn't belong there then it's not a witch hunt, but a group of men who understand the proper role of government. Don't misconstrue this to mean that I support the GOP politicians because they're GOP politicians -- I have as much contempt for the GOP as I do the Democrats -- as I have said, they're symptoms of the same disease. I've supported both sides when they act to protect liberty, freedom, life, and property, and I've condemned both when they've violated these things.

    A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

    No, we don't need government telling us what to do EXCEPT when our neighborhoods flood and we're standing on the roofs waiting to be rescued BY GOVERNMENT! No, we don't need government except when our homes go into foreclosure and we need a bailout. I've heard Neil on the subject and while he has a point it only applies when it isn't affecting us personally.

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    Jim    2/16/09

    Small government is best. We need ours to stop trying to provide everything and get back to people doing for themselves.

    J. Allen, Arlington, Va

    Nice quote. A great example is the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau created to protect people from subprime mortgages that were being pushed by government policy.

    The only protection I need is from too much government.

    jim k, Austin

    Warren, I agree that only an absolute idiot would disagree with this quote, or maybe a communist.

    Ronw13, Yachats Or

    A " Trend " Shadows of things to come ? History always cast a shadow, think tanks of Elitist, and families of old, dominating and plotting long ago, perhaps 500 to 700 years, Counsel of Trent comes to mind. This experiment of Individual sovereignty, ordained by The God of Nature, embraced by our Founding Fathers, comes to a turning of the page, and movement of the ever present hand that guides the affairs of men and nations on earth. As the properties of nature and natural law are exposed, truth seeking reality begin to meet quickly ! Materialism blinding the eyes of people to the coming storm. Even Washington stated how quickly people loose sight of what was Fought for. This by way of prosperity through Independence of the Individual Sovereign. Very methodical movement of corruption in high places, intruding by force, and implementing socialism, for greediness of gain. It is and has always been an issue with the nations. Our light of Liberties, Chophshiy, Eleutheria, and Apeleutheros, with 13 guiding points of natural laws of morality, grow brighter as the night grows shorter. Faith the essence of things hoped for, the substance of things unseen. I see the sun, and feel the rays. Such is the substance of things unseen. Faith the most powerful thing in the universe. And the ability of some to move it. This we feel today, with things moving in mind, body and soul of all on the planet. God's think tank, trumps all. This blog no doubt affects the world at large. As does other access to the internet. Commonsense dictates logical reasoning, in one accord with natural laws of understanding, people are being prepared for a shockwave, no doubt, that the world feels the for-shadowing of the blow. The ripple effect as seen in water. prior to the objects arrival. Liberty and Freedom are a universal language. So let us that are the sons and daughters of Liberty, stand strong in Faith of our God of Liberty and do not be dismayed or fearful. Truths always meets reality at the time appointed.
    Semper Fi in Amen, Amen

    Warrdoc, Elk Grove,CA.

    Once again, I salute you Ronw13 of Or.


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