False Dr. Paul F. Brandwein Quote

“Every child who believes in God is mentally ill.”

~ Dr. Paul F. Brandwein

Falsly attributed. Quote is not found in any of Brandwein's writings as confirmed by the Paul F. Brandwein Institute.

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Christopher Cobb

Every man with narrowminded veiws who uses his position to influence other peoples children is a disgrace to his proffession.

No Jesus, Know Peace

The simple, honest truth right there.

Randy Minnick, Porterville, CA

Brandwein is just another overly-educated fool. Sadly he will realize that fact when it is too late and and incalculable harm will have been done to our (mentally-well) children.

Philip sober, Toronto, On

Mentally ill, sounds about right. What would christians say about a person that believes aliens created us and that one day soon, they will come back to collect all those that believed in them. Sounds pretty wacked doesn't it?

Nicole Brown, Cowpens

Maybe he should look more into a religion before he trashes it, because people are missing an amazing life and gift from the God who is all love!


They sure are going to regret every word they typed someday...but it'll be too late.

falleen, stillwater

I love this quote its soo funny!

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anonymous    4/11/06

that is awful. just because you do not believe something does NOT mean that other people don't. what are you going to do when you die and realize that there is a god there that you have hurt so bad that you aren't going to go to heaven. there isn't a chance for you. if i were you i would ask for forgiveness now or you will live your life being another dumbass that knows nothing about living.

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Anonymous    4/17/06

NO Jesus, NO Peace & NO Life after Death! NO Joke!

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Anonymous    5/15/06

Sorry for Paul Brandwein

Laura Tahu, Canberra

NO JESUS = NO PEACE&NO LIFE !! i agree wit tha guy hu wrote "they sure are going to regret every word they typed somedae... but itll be too late. VERY TRUU!! trust me.. yu[guy hu wrote quote] dont kno wot yur toking about ! in fact i feel sorry for you.. because one day.. your gonna look lyk a very big idiot.. but dont worry.. youll get it one day.. TRUST ME . its okay to believe watever yu believe.. but i pray that maybe wun dae.. God will soften your heart.. BEFORE its too late .

anonymous, Columbus, Ohio

Brandwein is an over educated fool! Any person who believes this nonsense would have to be mentally ill...

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Anonymous    9/13/06

Its shameful to think you can try to change other peoples opinions, if they are wrong than let them be wrong for it is of their own free will. Don't prosecute those who have more faith then you will ever have, just because you do not believe. Don't take your anger out on us just because we are different. Even so, why can't we live in peace with each other. I feel this way and i am only 12 years old. I believe and you will only realise the truth when it's too late.

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Anonymous    3/19/07

Religion kills, Atheists won’t fight your “Holy Wars”. Instead of building a church use that time, energy, and money and help someone in need.

Doug Soto, Brooklyn

Perfect! Now we need to come up with one for the adults.

Dr. Brandwein Hater, Talihina

Screw you doctor! Burn in Hell

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Anonymous    10/22/07

damn u! if there's no God then what the hell are u doing here?! u must probably not exist if that's the case..

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sam    11/14/07

I feel sorry that this guy will burn in hell forever.

eric p, pensacola florida

seems like all the responses from the nice religious people are a little violent, what does that say about the practices they follow. I like the idea of faith but not religion. Seems to me the 12 year old has the right attitude as did we all when we where children what happened along the way?

Gus, Pompano Beach

An awesome diagnose for your child!...A mental illness that gives not only peace of mind; but of Soul?...Thank you Dr.

A Turin Turambar Turun Ambartanen, Gondolin

This does not even belong in the Agnostic section. If you believe this, go read John Locke, smack your head against a wall ten times, then come back and read Locke again, then this quote again. Have YOU been cured of your mental disorder?

jim k, austin,tx

It's so interesting that so many "loving Christians" are hopeful that someone who disagrees with them will "burn in hell". And they wish for it fervently. God save us from "Christians".

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    Tony    4/21/08

    If Dr. Brandwein did not believe in God while he was living - he sure does now. It is sad he will spend the rest of his life in hell. A lot of charity is done by Christians who truly believe in God. Jesus will be glorified in the end.

    Anthony J. Reynolds, Dallas, TX

    The mental illness of religion lies with adults. It is child abuse when they force this drivel on the innocent. Give children a good education and choice, the brave and curious among them will throw off this ancient construct and use their brains for the benefit of human progress. Sadly, the religious are frightened by the truth and do not really believe, deep down, in the ridiculousness of all religions. If they do think they are right, then they might as well chill out and smugly relax about it all. You figured it all out with out thinking. Well done.

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    Anonymous    11/21/08

    That is so wrong its good that children are able to believe in God becuase he IS real!

    Gary, Windsor, CT

    Me thinks he has mental illness.

    Bryce, Rock Hill, SC

    If this guy will burn in hell for eternity for what is possibly a false conception of certian religions what kind of cruel god do you believe in?

    Mariann, Brooklyn

    Dr. Paul F. Brandwein is mentally ill

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      Anonymous    3/11/09

      Respectfully, I disagree with this quote (not actually from Mr. Brandwein, but whatever). I am a Christian, but that's not the point. I don't think every child who believes in God is mentally ill. That's like saying every child who's had one-sided propaganda shoved down his throat is mentally ill (which would make every child on Earth a mental patient).

      Anonymous, Bali

      Cool! I luv the quote!

      Bobby, Barcelona

      WARNING: the writer is either depressed, with fears of future, failure in many aspect, and he is just manipulating us of his PERSONAL matters. His unsettled inner him redirect the righteous to gain vanity in eternity. Choose to believe him if you want to experience the life he got. HIS LIFE IS UNDER RUT.

      Katie, asheville

      Heck Yes!

      Tommy, Birmingham, England

      What an amazingly perceptive quote. Religious fanatics think everybody wants to live forever. Not so! There are millions upon millions of sane, rational people who are aware that they will live on average, about 70 years, then die. And that is it! No afterlife, no paradise etc. Religion is nothing but superstition. It has as much relevance as Zodiac signs.

      Deborah Fort, Washington, DC

      Paul F. Brandwein was a deeply religious man and would never have offered the quotation wrongly and shockingly attributed to him. He was a great teacher, mentor to many people, including children, humanist, scientist, environmentalist, and publisher. He characterized himself religiously as a "devout and discordant Catholic."

      Farah, Baku

      Way too flat statement

      justice, heaven

      LMFAO i wanna go to heaven with all you trash talking Christians lol funny



      fayna, philippines

      look what happen nowadays to countries who dont believe God? they are experiencing earthquake,tsunami etc.

      Dave, USA

      Another example of the modern uneducated ignorant liberal scum that have taken over this once great country....


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