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“If liberals can seize our guns because they are dangerous, we have no chance of holding on to our cars and our homes. The total number of accidental fatalities (the majority of which are hunting accidents) of all types of firearms is infinitesimal compared to the number of fatalities from car and home accidents. More children die from playing with cigarette lighters than from playing with loaded guns.”

~ Paul Craig Roberts

Houston Chronicle, September 13, 1993

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J Carlton, Calgary

In the US, you're about 90 times more likely to be killed by a Doctor than by a gun. Gun control isn't about never was...

jim k, Austin, Tx

J Carlton, you are right, doctor and hospital errors kill over 200,000 people per year. Stay away from both if possible.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

now there's a "reliable source" (LOL)... a Reagan economist talking about his area of expertise: guns

J Carlton, Calgary

Now there's an objective opinion. A completely hysterical ad hominem attack from a Liberal communist. Thanks for being consistent Reston! LOL

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    7/21/11

Any government big enough to give you all you want, is also big enough to take all you have................

Mike, Norwalk

(-; great examples; The perception is a little turned around though, there has been no private ownership of property in any land occupied by the statist theocracy for a long time now. Titles (a claim to privileged possession, not ownership) have in toto replaced any hope of allodial freehold or otherwise perfect ownership. All cars and homes belong to the foreign dictator(s) and are allowed only certain use under certain circumstances.

Waffler, Smith

The most primitive of peoples know that somethings are dangerous and should be controlled in the village or around the tribal fire. Why cannot we (who generally even if maybe wrongly) think we are the most advanced and intelligent nation or community in the universe be as smart and commonsenseical as aboriginal or tribal people.

Doug, Calif

“…as smart and commonsenseical as aboriginal or tribal people.” By that you mean the ones that pretty much lived like cavemen and are basically almost extinct. I always love when people romanticize the tribal lifestyle. They were always at the throats or their neighbor tribe when they weren’t dying from a broken leg they did not know how to heal or flu of some sort. Average life of 35 years or so.

Byron, Fort Collins

RIGHT ON!!! Truly on the money once again, J Carlton for US Senate!!! There. I said it.

Byron, Fort Collins

Gotta add that Big Pharma and the FDA are the ghouls pulling the strings behind today's money-grubbing "physicians".

Byron, Fort Collins

Gotta also add that Janis's "Big Brother and the Holding Company" is only the opening act for "Big Pharma and the FDA".

Waffler, Smith

Doug I never said tribal people knew all about science but they knew enough to keep knives, spears, and arrows out of the hands of children and idiots. They had and believe it or not safe and sand tribes still exist. Maybe we should learn soemthing from them instead of acting like idiots ourselves thinking that we have guns for the prupose of shooting pols we don't like.

J Carlton, Calgary

Byron, thanks for the endorsement. Its been suggested before, but my wife said she would divorce me if I actually ran. ;)

E Archer, NYC

It ain't just liberals, folks, that want Americans disarmed -- law-abiding property owners in New Orleans had their arms forcibly confiscated by Homeland Security "for their own safety" in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina -- apparently we are not allowed to possess arms in a state of emergency! Mike is right, we in fact do not really 'own' anything, but we are LIABLE. That is what a title is. So yes the same power the government has to take away your income, is the same power to take away your guns, your cars, everything else, too. And once they have all the guns, it will be even easier.

E Archer, NYC

Doug and Waffler, you obviously know little about native American cultures, how they provided for themselves, their medicine, their views about their territory, about each other, etc.. Over 500 nations existed in North America before the Europeans came, and they each had their own ways and traditions that they had been following for thousands of years. The life expectancy of European settlers was much shorter than that of the natives, that is until they learned from the natives how to survive. The League of Iroquois predated the US Constitution by hundreds of years, the principles of which were incorporated in the American model of government. But if the argument is that domesticated animals live longer than those free in the wild, I don't doubt it, but that doesn't make slavery better than freedom. Bend down and lick the hands of your masters, but that is not the American way, not at all.

TheMANwithNoName, Tampa, FL

I'd like to see a politifact analysis or some hard numbers on some of these claims. 1) "more people are killed in hunting accidents than other sorts of firearms accidents" Around here hardly month goes by without some child getting hold of a parent's gun and killing or injuring another child. 2) "more children are killed playing with lighters than playing with loaded guns" Maybe these claims are true, but personally I doubt it. And I'm NOT in favor of gun control.

Krista, Palm Springs

I agree, and although I do not have a gun, I will defend my right, and every Americans right to own guns. However, I do not see the need for AK 47's or any kind of gun that can kill over 90 kids on an island in a flash, when in our founding fathers day, they had to reload in order to shoot another slowed down the process of killing. That is where our gun laws have gone wrong. There should be laws for guns, just as there should be laws for cars, BUT, there should be as FEW laws as possible on all accounts! Laws can easily be made to protect and defend the cretins that the second ammendment sought to protect the American People from. It is happening all over our world.....changing laws to make crime (only for the uber-rich) legal.


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