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“The purpose of education is to make the choices clear to people, not to make the choices for people.”

~ Peter McWilliams

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, 1996

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Mike, Norwalk

What a novel concept in today's liberal / conservative, democrat / republican, socialist / fascist America.

J.A., Pottsville

To read or listen to such quotes should give hope that our future leaders will have an "education" (wisdom).

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

I agree with the sentiment, but disagree that education should make choices clear... rather it should make the process of choice clear and give you the tools to make that choice, be it clear or not so clear...

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RobertSRQ    12/3/07

Reston - well done! the process for choice should be made clear to the people. Eduction also has the responsibility of explaining choices.

E Archer, NYC

There is no freedom without responsibility.

warren, olathe

Sounds like a big criticism for today’s educational system doesn’t it.

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anonymous    3/10/14

What? This is news? To whom?

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    3/10/14

Totally agree with this quote. Individuals should be taught the means of rational objective thinking through the means of cognitive thinking.
They should be taught to weigh the counter arguments and debates in order to come to a rational conclusion of what the end consequences would result in and whether or not they have been presented with facts.
In other words - allowed for themselves to put one brain cell in front of the other to decipher what is actual truth and what is not.

jim k, austin tx

The purpose of education should be to teach students to think for themselves and to question everything.

watchman13, USA

Well said Jim, There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. Learn to play a good game of chess.


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