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“Police may have no right to privacy in carrying out official duties in public. But the civilians they interact with do.”

~ Judge Richard Allen Posner

U.S Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, ALCU of Illinois v. Anita Alvarez (2012) (Dissenting)

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anonymous    3/19/14

Supposedly true but less and less in the last 30 years.

Mike, Norwalk

In the de jure States united, policing agencies outside the Sheriff's office are de facto tyrannts. Even at that, the 'executive' expression 'police' have no rights but, duties only, Individual sovereigns have inalienable rights, inherent in their being. Sovereignty and rights, at natural law and by de jure definition uniquely exist in the tangible being man. By definition and operation, an individual being's sovereignty can extend unto his personal lawful representations. Rights remain inherent in the being, being incapable of extending to an inanimate office (i.e. 'police')

E Archer, NYC

As we become more and more a police state, we hear more and more from public employees that their actions are protected from scrutiny due to their rights to privacy -- all the while spying on private citizens. It just drives me crazy to hear the arguments made for protecting the privacy of government employees while they invade the privacy of citizens without warrant in daily practice.

It is only coming to light to the general public that their emails have been 'tapped' for a decade, their banking transactions and purchases made with credit/debit cards are all archived, what library books are taken out is recorded, where their cell phones have been (and them with it), who they've called and 'texted', and even recording the calls themselves.

And we can't know who knows what because of 'privacy' concerns and 'national security.' What a crock! And now social networks like Facebook and Google are making their social media information more readily available to government agencies. Man, did we ever think Big Brother would become a reality? And so rapidly! And then if you try and report the truth on this, you are deemed a traitor to your country, and the full might of the fascist state is thrown at you. It's a Nazi dream world come true!


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