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“Censorship is contagious, and experience with this culture of regulation teaches us that regulatory enthusiasts herald each new medium of communications as another opportunity to spread the disease.”

~ Robert Corn-Revere

Rationales and Rationalizations: Regulating the Electronic Media, 1997

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wick, wabash

no it ain't

J Carlton, Calgary

There are those among us who relish the notion of telling us what we can say, read and think. Mostly they have an agenda of social engineering and control and they are to be despised.

jim k, Austin,Tx

The people running our government would love to censor the internet, but so far no luck. We need to make sure they don't.

Mike, Norwalk

The statist theocracy infesting this land is a great example of the quote's accuracy. By way of an extremely terse example: The judicial regulation of censoring religious expression amongst the sovereign's representatives is a growing cancer. Regulatory enthusiasts expand their contagious disease by censoring the obligation of contracts, ownership, and the freedom of movement through licensing. Regulatory censorship is limiting, in an exponentially expanding malady, free expression in all medias (its not complete yet or, can it be but, the malady's expanse is certain) while the contagiousness thereof is touted as security, wonderful, and needed while the cure is ridiculed. Etc., Etc., Etc.

E Archer, NYC

How often we hear from the left or the right the call to 'shut up'. The latest proposal: the Internet Kill Switch -- the ultimate censorship -- and this proposal is from a Republican -- just goes to show the parties are all fascist/communist now. Somehow this is supposed to be necessary in an emergency? What a crock of BS. Killing the ability to communicate during an emergency is an act of war -- it is the equivalent of bombing an enemy's radar stations. We the People have NEVER given the Executive such power, nor the Congress to grant it. We have the worst president and Congress we have ever had and they seem absolutely committed to bringing the country to its knees.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, EXCELLENT ! ! !


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