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“The fault lies not with our technologies but with our systems.”

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J Carlton, Calgary

The Keynesian monetary sytem and bureaucracy in general are robbing and stifling the efforts of Americans.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Amen, J Carlton.

Jamie, Nelson

That it is true. With humans we just layer new stuff over old, without consideration of what the new brings. e.g. that locomotives and cars are built on a wheel base width of a roman cart track. Nope let's face it. Humans are just another species of monkey and by extension, creatures of habit.

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RBESRQ    7/30/10

I concur.

J Carlton, Calgary

Thanks jim k, hope you are well in Texas. Keep the faith and keep some powder dry.

Ken, Allyn, WA

The fault lies with the corrupt individuals who created the system and the technology. The tools and the process are not builders of a faulty house, it is the carpenter.

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    RBESRQ    7/30/10

    It's not the carpenter its the sponsor who is to blame for a faulty house. He, she, or it, dictates the materials - can you blame the use of Chinese dry wall on the carpenter? or the faulty design?

    Abigail Adams

    Unless we get some law and order (remember the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Remember the Oath of Office each congress person gave?), we are screwed...and it must start at the top, or no one will respect this country, her citizens or her government. Look around you...we are deep trouble. Our president is ruining this country with the help of congress. There are no honorable persons to serve us but 3: Coburn, Flake, Paul. a few (10%) are sorta on your side and the rest are for themselves. REPLACE or you will be a slave to the government... Oh sorry, guess you are already an indentured work for them until May 5th of every year...and that is going to be lengthed next year...happy with where we are headed? Lets see I think it is called an international collective. That is what will replace your individual liberties...unless you act.

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    Anon    7/31/10

    Impeach obama.------using the power of the congress.---------Go after Congressional evil doers with duly informed congressional Grand juries that understand their duties as well as grand juror members who will love to see justice being done on those that deserve with the truth which will be obvious to every other man in the country. Of course they will all know the Constitution and once they know that the rest will follow. We can change this and keep it from the hands of the criminal.

    Mike, Norwalk

    WOW, where to start.the finger pointing of fault as to the ills of the whole. It has to start with individuals - such as with the sheeple (frog in the warming pot) that continue to accept the occupying statist theocracy's systematic erosion of inalienable rights. The ANTI-Christian religions ("A"theism to "Z"en; Humanism to Socialism, Collectivism to Satanism, etc.) replacement of systemic norms within a once land of the free are evident through mass shootings, wars (committed domestically by a standing army - local police / world wide terrorism - bombing of innocent people), political correctness and the propaganda / dogma instruction by the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's seminaries (government schools) and ecclesiastical bloviators (MSM).

    E Archer, NYC

    It all comes down to how people define their responsibility in this world. I was born into the world with its 'systems' already in place, so I can easily blame my forebears for its corruption.

    But the 'problem' is never solved until someone takes responsibility for solving it -- I must 'own it' as if I created it in the first place, and, while I did not create the problem, people like me, doing what I do, allowed it to happen, maybe even helped it along unknowingly, so in a way I AM responsible, too.

    Making excuses does nothing to empower -- it places the power to resolve it in someone else's hands and demands action from them. When that latent spark of Independence and self-determination flashes, it awakens the whole being into a new world of possibilities. Such is what Adams called 'the American mind.'

    Ronw13, OR

    "O" is gone, but still his/their gang are making lots of trouble, that mob of tyranny, in league with greedy lending houses, bent on usury, perpetuating the welfare state. NOW there is a New sheriff Called President Donald J.Trump, in town. Willing to Stand, for the Sovereignty of this Nation and its Citizens. Each Nation deserves its Rightful Sovereignty and the ability to control its monetary system. Peace through Strength, with humain intent/ treatment, should apply to all nations. Regardless of their type of, or philosophy of government. There will be peace ,when, the strongest of Nations agree to the disruption of hateful forces bent on slavery, greed and usury. Knowing the British Empire back the wrong horse in the race, called the Middle East, now Commonsense returns in recognizing Who the Moderates truly are Among the aristocratic tribes. And that said Moderate does have a wild child, best controlled by its true parent. The Balfour Declaration stands true. though Israel was/is a nation long before the declaration was made.
    On another note, America with Sound Leadership moves to Restore its Commonsense, in action and relationship to its individual citizens and Private businesses. The economic model will morph again, the Fed-coin replacing paper over time. Digital currency, we are already there, gold and silver hold their ground, as savings/of and precious metals do.


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