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“The theory of the IRS is rather repugnant to me because the assumption is made that I, the government, owns 100% of your income and I permit you to keep 5%, 10% or 20%. You're vulnerable, you've sold out. The government can take 80% if they want, which they did at one time.”

~ Dr. Ron Paul

Candidates@Google interview, July 13, 2007

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Cal, lewisville, TX

It allows the government to meddle into our personal business.

Mike, Norwalk

YESSS !!! If the government owns my income, it does not represent me, it owns me. Those voted in representatives, represent the god and master of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, not me or We The People.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, the assumption of power is that We the People are wholly subservient to government employees and their dictates. And the IRS is slated to be the enforcement arm of Obamacare. I suggest that the individual States throw the IRS out, never to return -- better the citizens keep their money and spend it locally than accept federal monies. Time to throw off the yoke!

Waffler, Smith

Again Ron Paul shows his A$$. The IRS has no theory. The IRS is an agency of the The Department of The Treasury which does the bidding of Congress and the law. An institution that Ron Paul was a long time member. But Mr. Paul is very smart in one way, he knows that voters will vote for someone who is the enemy of their enemy, thus running against the IRS is good politics. Hitler knew this game best when he ran against Jews. But alas in both cases these guys are and were gutter politicians. But the comments above show that gutter politics still draws in the feeble minded.

Mike, Norwalk

The IRS in the Continental Unionized Socialists of Amerika (USA) is not an agency of the Treasury. It is an independent ? that ultimately acts for the Fed (soon to be expanded to greater tyranny) I'm not going to give all the court cases and other cites to prove this again - just showing your lying ways one more time. You are right about the IRS being We The People's enemy. How are both gutter politicians? One was for income tax, big government, despotism in its worst forms and Ron Paul is vehemently opposed to such.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Waffler, you must be on something that adversely effects the brain, otherwise, how could you write such nonsense. Ron Paul is right on target and the Hitler comparison is insulting and crazy. You've stooped low before but this is your all time lowest,so shut up and crawl back under your rock.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, being a former IRS terrorist, will you report the criminals of the IRS, Department of the Treasury, the Congress, and the White House that are attacking their philosophical enemies ? You say the IRS does the bidding of the law. WHAT ? ? ? By what lawful nexus has the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land come to own the fruits of the noble laborer ? ? ? Why can't I or. anyone else even get into court to show how the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified. The de jure States united (not the united socialists of amerika) - USA - was a natural law republic where representatives of individual sovereigns were to serve as protectors of inalienable rights. The ownership of my labors by said malignant statist theocracy is not a protection of my inalienable right, property, person or ANYTHING ! ! ! Theft of the noble labor's fruit and the thieving henchman - the 'IRS' are/is antithetical to law and does not do law's bidding ! ! !

David, Mannington, NJ

It's time to stop calling each other names and look for solutions and be part of the solution to many of our "BIG" government concerns. Go to "thomas.gov" and study H.R. 25 or the senate version S 122.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    5/31/13

IRS Employee Qualifications - bloodless, soulless with strong sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies.

Mary - MI
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    Mary - MI    5/31/13

    Hey - I think I'm hearing that Cricket again. I think its name is Waffler. Then again - I should not insult the poor crickets, because they live in the reality of their existence and not in the "Fog of the Unknown!

    Ronw13, Oregon

    The enemy/advasary states clearly the IRS is the enemy of We the People. When working for a "withholding agent" in order to maintain independence, there is no need to file, for the return of plunder. Let the IRS keep that, they have stolen. I need not play their game. The IRS plays upon ones greed for return. Be ye separate through noncompliance. Save the paper for something more useful. Like the bathroom. The time to stand is Now, Manumission from slavery is just that, Independence at Liberty. The ways of Rome return to haunt mankind, once more at large through globalization and the manipulation of polytheism. To revolt against tyranny is a brave thing, to suffer for Liberty's sake, enduring hardship at times, isolated as an Independent. contributing at the point of sale, and my freewill support. Money and labor talk, Credit walks and relies on false impressions of security.


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