Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams, (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."

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“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams
~ Samuel Adams

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

The time is here... down with King George!

21st Century American Patriot, Your Town,USA.

It seems to me that vain and aspiring men now occupy the seats of power in our government today. May it never be to late for the 21st Century American Patriot to stand up and be counted on to defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America. Who shall stand with me?

Mike, Norwalk

Though it is near impossible for a good man to oust the aspiring and vain, now entrenched in the highest seats in Government, the experienced patriots must step forward. I almost hate agreeing with Anonymous from VA BUT, the time is here.

21st Century American, Your Town,USA

Mike from Norwalk.I agree.The time has come to "#%@* or get off the pot" as the saying goes.Now,gentlemen,where do we go from here?

E Archer, NYC

Get your supply of guns and ammunition, food, water, fuel, generators, picks, axes, shovels -- everything people need when they must rely on themselves to survive. Then boycott the government -- do not pay them anything and do not take anything from them. Stop buying electricity -- make your own or do without. Boycott all multi-billion dollar industries -- buy local goods from local suppliers -- trade amongst yourselves fairly and without taxing one another. Stop driving -- a car is a liability and the most popular excuse for a cop to pat you down and run you through the computer. And for God's sake, stop using phony money!! Stop borrowing and start saving or building. Boycott the banks, and hunker down as the devil will eventually have to show his head, and then the People will finally realize the delusion to which we have been subjected for so many generations. Either that or wait for the Chinese to arrive en masse. It is war none-the-less...

David L. Rosenthal

Great plan, Archer. And where will you buy the bullets for your guns when the bullets you have now are all spent. Or I guess you could just take them at gunpoint. Yeah, that would be effective in reforming American society.

Denise, Durango.
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Denise, Durango. David L. Rosenthal 11/8/21

A good point or two however George Washington said it best when defending the 2nd. Amendment: "Firearms are the liberty's teeth." Some who've escaped from communist nations, those few still alive having survived the Holocaust, all to a person have echoed one consistency: do not ever allow budding dictators to take your guns. "Rules for Radicals"inspired by Karl Marx, evil personified, the communist manifesto, virtually ALL wannabe master's of the race are aware of firepower in the hands of the people...the Holocaust was first put in motion by "gun registration" an old fighter said a long time ago: I'd rather die in a pile of brass than die in a communist prison."
I may be 76 but I'd rather be shot defending those I love than carted off to a "re-education camp."

Dick, Fort Worth

The time has long come but the patriots, many of the finest and virtuous citizens who might in the past have come to the rescue have been insidiously deceived by a controlled and manipulated media to believe just the opposite of the truth. The truth will set us free, but it must first be recognized.

E Archer, NYC

Ah, David, always willing to complain about government and yet have no faith in your fellow man. Where do you think guns and bullets come from, hmm? Other people!! Ever see the TV series 'Junk Yard Wars'? If 5 guys can build a trebuchet or a plane out of scrap in a day, I think we can manage to make bullets, too. Potato guns, water cannons, cross-bows, radio-controlled model planes -- the list goes on. Necessity is the mother of invention. Every revolution starts with a boycott -- the result is usually camaraderie and generosity among those in the fight -- remember Rosa Parks and how a bus boycott turned the tide in racial segregation. I do not expect you to understand, David. To argue with the devil's advocate is a precious waste of time. The American spirit is indomitable -- especially in battle.

Vincent Germano, Kingwood, TX

At the very least we can call such treachery as suffered by us at hands of judges and others employed and elected to highest levels government, what it really is. See our web site, "america's courts of injustice, AMERICAN HOLOCAUST". WE HAD BETTER WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, VINCENT GERMANO.

guy, long island NY

I think he was talking about Ron Paul.

a true american, Pittsburgh, P.A.

We should start a boycott,the stupid goverment can't quiet us patriots down any longer we have to start a war,eventually,and in the mean time do whatever you can to override the goverment some of us are even smarter than the goverment.

Alan, mytown, MI

Vain and aspiring men have infiltrated the Federal Judicial System, they cannot be voted out of office, and it is difficult to appoint others to replace them. They no longer are the guardians of our Constitutional Freedoms, but have become the lap-dogs of the Executive Branch. They are unwilling to do their duty as set forth by our founding fathers. In addition, the Courts thwart the legal efforts of patriots to peaceably seek relief from govermental breaches of the US Constitution.

David, Secaucus

Go to this site for what I think. and stand on your own two feet to make a difference in Washington We did it during the Vietnam era and we can do it again now. How about nobody pays their taxes this year

Dori, Rolling Hills

The time is here and it's Obama who appears a vain and aspiring man. God help us. 1/19/10.

Wayne, Burgaw

I think the problem is us. We have let the politicians hijack our government because we're too busy with work or leisure time activities to get involved. Some of us go and vote, but we keep sending the same people back to office and they take a little bit more from us each time because they are emboldened by our complacency. Until we all get involved and vote everyone out of office and start over, things will never change. It's not the democrats, it's not the republicans, it's all politicians. They all believe that they deserve whatever they can take from the dumb taxpayers and as we can see, they do. Until we all get involved, they'll continue to take from us. It won't take a revolution and it doesn't need to have to cause physical harm or damage to property.

Dale, Tennessee

Perfect, well stated Wayne!

Rick, Erie
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Rick, Erie    5/2/10

Lately, What, so far has been done in the light of day? And what, so far has been done in hiding? And what, so far has been done in hiding in the light of day? Deception and magic, two sides of the same false coin. Thank goodness, there are some who could be members of the elite, yet they choose the ground, and voice it's reality. It is stupid to think of the uneducated as stupid. And a smart government will know this, and honor it. The one who understands the "Golden Rule" and practices it in the trial and temptations of life, is a good man. Most of the Constitution anounces this, except we needed a civil war to finally get rid of the sin of slavery. The rest is freedom, but this sin is starting again, only color is erased. God help us in this lost world.

Rick Zahniser (Senor Reek), Tombstone, AZ

Amazing... that these men, 200 years ago, could foresee the terrible situation we have gotten ourselves into!! We will correct the situation, but it will be long and painful and I (age 74) will not see the end of it.

David Ben-Ariel, Toledo, Ohio

That time has come with the president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, the con man from Kenya, the bastard from Africa, Obama/Soetoro/Obama polluting and occupying the White House.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Obamas Idea of plugging the oil leak seems to be to sue BP. How that will stop the leak is beyond me. Remember how Bush caught hell over slow response to Katrina? Obama has lunch with Duke basketballers and goes on vacation and does nothing to even help those trying to stop the oil leak and the press says nothing. Interesting. Vanity thy name is Obama.

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RBESRQ    6/3/10

We can take the government down! It can be done! but it must be a consolidated effort - we must rally every village in America and start a plan to eliminate this DC canker/cancer. We must ALL not pay taxes, vote out all incumbents, withdraw our money from the major banks and the stock market, buy only local produce (no processed foods), stop going to WalMart and Malls, stop buying gasoline (use a bike, a scooter, or car pool), stop going on vacations, stop buying anything you don't need other than to survive, and lets all do this on July 1st 2010 spread the word - lets see if the people of America can put money where their mouth is.

Abigail, Newport

Let's see, how would you not pay is taxed, gas is taxed, your home is taxed, in some cases food is taxed (food housing shelter), wages are taxed befor you get them, if you own anything and don't pay them, you can be relieved of ownership (so by definition you have no real ownership) tell do you not pay taxes? We could all join the military and as reps who take an oath to uphold the wait, we have 535 and one top fella who promised and didn't honor...well, here we are, between a rock and a hard spot. But we had better do something and NOW or be happy to live like Cubans, Chinese, Venezuealans, in spite of how hard we work for our money and life...we are being socially engineered right into that hole. But I am standing.

R. Pittman, Salem

Stop the hate, It's just wasted energy. President Obama has the ability to change his mind if he has the courage along with any public servant on the wrong side. Fragmentation of the states. Because of planed over throw of one culture, American. for another. Old world. Very methodical and well thought out. Foreseeing opportunity would arise to take advantage. So must we freemen and women take advantage as Arizona has to take a stand and say no and mean it. Giving our policing agents the power to protect our home and state from such an over throw of our way of life and liberty. Not hating those that want in but holding back the flood.Moving terrorist from any radical country into our on country is treason. Obviously these administrators and unchecked bleeding hearts are blinded by emotions unchecked. Taken advantage of by strangers, unawares brought in, vain men and woman thinking they know better than our forefathers who were led by divine providence to revel liberty and the doctrines of, which were hid and concealed by old world powers till King James took a stand against and translated into english these hidden truths. The truth will (make) you free. Our type of freedom is rare, predestination of a people afar off. who trust and lean upon the arm of The Lord. Grace ( unmerited favor ) by God to take a stand for a right given to us by God. Freedom is a right not a privlage to be taxed away by the slight of vain persons.

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    RBESRQ    6/3/10

    God didn't give you anything - you are what you are and there is no divine intervention. Our forefathers were against any religious promotion being part of the government and they could see why - they escaped all that. You can only move forward by dealing with the present situation not by saying if this or if that that is the occupation of the sheeple.

    John, Washington UT

    I can't contribute much because everyone seems to realize that vain and aspiring men (and women) already have attempted to take over our government and apparently sink into the quagmire of despotism: long may they rot!

    Mike, Norwalk

    Since you can't prove there to be or, not to be a God, your belief as to man's origin and his rights is as suspect as any. You may have never experienced Divine intervention, but I absolutely have. You've also been misinformed about our forefathers' religious desires. The statist theocracy that now infests this land does give credence to your broader meaning. Now that vain and aspiring men possess the vast majority of the highest seats in Government (along with their puppeteers), our country desperately stands in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its complete ruin. I like your concept of moving forward beyond the sheeple.

    R. Pittman, Salem

    The powers that be are ordained of God. His tokens of presence are throughout the entire universe. If it were not for our ever wanting to understand we would not have validation of laws already in place giving conformation upon every discovery. The prize of understanding and the treasures of sacred text are not for the void of faith. Therefore by faithful men and women trusting in the God of all spirits his grace would supply their need. The throne is established in righteousness. Who do you think the judges work for. They will surely know that mercy and truth go before his face. Judgement is laid to the line, and righteousness to the plummet.These truths are both geometrical and factually perfect in source and nature to a man or woman of understanding.Will you not fear the power. Do that which is right and you will have praise of the same. Judgement to the line shows where we are and what we have to look forward to. For those unbelieving souls wishing to cast dought and discontent, step forward or why do you hide in darkness. Faith the esence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen. Be strong and of a good courage all those of the household of faith, God is with us.

    Mike, Anchorage

    Perfect. And in todays language - we ALL need to do the patriotic thing and VOTE THE BUMS OUT, Just look at who voted for the NDAA and you can get a list of incumbants that JUST DONT GET IT.

    Freyr, Nowhere

    Yeah! Ron Paul is an experienced patriot!

    Annie, Mahtomedi, MN

    I think this rings so true today as when Adams wrote it is because it speaks to human nature. That does not change. I am with you 21st century patriot. I am a part of the 99%- you know the group the press was paid to snicker at and not take seriously-they did yell very loudly-"there's an elephant in the living room" They continue to meet and are now working to offer a bill to congress to make sure what happened does not again. I don't think we should make light of each others suggestions on how to gain control over these leeches-that we elected. It is complicated, I don't personally believe in any violence-it was good enough for MLK, it's good enough for me, but i do think it is prudent to learn how to shoot a gun, i wonder how many have never even handled one? I think it is prudent to bank with small home town banks and boycott the large-wells fargo for example-let's hurt them where it counts, in their money! Let's continue to write to our rep. in the congress locally and federally about what we don't like. There are many things we can do and maintain our jobs-those of us who have them, and our lifestyles-mine is being eaten up quickly by inflation-DO NOT let them tell you inflation is in check-groceries have gone up over night! Go to the local farmer markets for food when available-don't favor the large conglomerates when you don't have to-expect to spend a little more, but is it worth it to you? Fresher food and you know it's not sprayed with chemicals. A win win for us all.Plus a farmers market is a lot more fun. Visit local farms that raise chickens and cows humanely and get good references and buy. Learn to stock up and know about survival tactics. I think it is all good, but PLEASE get involved somehow, we must now, I do believe they will continue to take what we have to fill their coffers. i am no longer voting, what would happen if no one votesI YOu can't vote the bums out Mike-the rich, the system gets ahold of them and they are just fodder for them or they become them. I used to believe that our government had it's faults but was basically intact and there to do good. I no longer believe that, it took only 2 years to change a lifetime of wrong beliefs.I am not the drama q. type, it is that I do believe our way of life is being seriously threatened and we have stood by in our quiet worlds, watching what they put on tv and eating our fat, chemical soaked foods and being endoctrinated to be consumers-they actually planned to encourage people to spend there money after WW2 because that put many to work-how stupid is that? You know, Germany never did that on purpose, they down play consumerism and export great products and they are looking pretty balanced right now! and put our money into 401k's and other accounts for retirement which-oh surprise-the rich figured out how to use that pool of cash to benefit themselves and we are left holding the bag(which is empty) Listening to them blame all the evils of america on us. It is not difficult if you read history the way it really happened and gather a couple of veiw points,to realize that the rich will not stop until they are made to stop.There are a few exceptions, but most are Sociopaths that are brilliant and will continue to go through every loophole there is to rob us of our money, health, choices, rights, and then blame it on us-WHICH WE WILLNO LONGER ACCEPT! We have been too comfortable for too long. We can do something if we are together and I hope we do, i know I am, are you with me?

    TYhade, Buried

    Patriots, b calm, b patient, b vigilant, know yr enemy. they r architects of their own demise. Voice yr disdain for the lack of respect for our founding documents, but stay out of the light . The time will come!

    Frisco, Nashville, TN

    Does our country need a Zapata and Pancho Villa? When will the one arise?

    Andrew m Sherr, Garden City

    Vain and aspiring men and women have always held seats of power 

    It is no different today then immediately after our forefathers died off.

    The consequences today are MUCH HIGHER!!!

    If we are not careful we will lose the Republic as we know it


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