Sun Yat-sen Quote

“An individual should not have too much freedom. A nation should have absolute freedom.”

~ Sun Yat-sen

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Tony Trimarchi, Adams

Stupid and indicative of Chinese thinking!!

J Carlton, Calgary

A flowery description of communism...

Mike, Pleasant Hill

I'm sure the hundreds of millions that were starved to death under the little red book communist regime wouldn't agree.

E Archer, NYC

Yet this is the rhetoric of Obama, the Bush's, the Clinton's, et al. Of course, the collectivists ignore that eventually the power of the group is put into the hands of a few individuals and the rest find themselves in servitude.

SCSURFR, La Mirada

Reverse the places "individual" and "nation" are located and you got something.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Right on E Archer.

Andrew, Salisbury,MD

You Morons Sun Yet-Sen was advocating for a Chinese republic based on the ideas of Nationalism, Democracy, and The peoples welfare - does that sound like a communist to you? this quote isn't even by Sun Yat-sen

Ken, Valdosta

Americans need to differentiate a communal ethos from a collectivistic one.

Mike, Norwalk

lol, If the individual doesn't have freedom - the extension thereof (individual to in concert) can not have it either. How can a communal or otherwise collective have a right the individual(s) of those groupings do not?

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

There exists an inverse correlation between the "freedom" of the State and the freedom of the Individual.

In the absence of the constraints of Virtue, in the absence of the constraints of the law, States are entirely "free" to licentiously exercise power, characteristically to the utmost detriment of the Individual.


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