Ted StevensTed Stevens, (1923-2010) US Senator (Alaska-R)

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“The agency that is so strict on the way Americans keep their books cannot even pass a financial audit.”

Ted StevensTed Stevens
~ Ted Stevens

on the first-ever audit of the IRS in 1993.

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    Anonymous    4/18/06

    It took me 18 hours to fill out the appropriately forms correctly this year, and my records are meticulous. FAIR TAX NOW.

    Chris, Gallatin

    I filed a 72 page IRS tax report and paid more in taxes this past year than I made the year before in income. I know the banking act of 1913 caused the Treasury Bonds to replace the Treasury Notes and to ensure that the interest was paid, the IRS was created. Both acts were against the Constitution of the US Government..

    J Carlton, Calgary

    It stands to reason that the IRS can not pass a financial audit. They work for the Federal Reserve and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Both have got to go...

    E Archer, NYC

    Why is it that the average American cannot be trusted to spend his own money wisely while the entity that collects 1/3 of all annual earnings of every individual in the country is beyond reproach? Waffler worked for the IRS -- does he know better than the rest of us? Thieves all.

    Mary - MI
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      Mary - MI    6/7/13

      E Archer - Not only "Thieves", but Tyrants and Despots created by a group of vile Progressives with the intent to enslave all that they consider as serfs.

      Anon, Anytown, USA

      Another example of our government saying "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!" Seems to be the current administration's policy. (It's OK if I do it, BUT YOU, you get to painfully pay or go to jail. (ask Rangle! and then Willie Nelson...)

      jim k, Austin, Tx

      But they can target conservative groups.

      Mike, Norwalk

      The second plank of the communist manifesto was never meant to be a lawful or orderly event (one that would pass a financial audit) but rather, an intrinsic element in bringing down free enterprise - to be replaced with a socialistic utopia.

      Ronw13, OR

      Psalm 10 fitting. !

      warren giese, OLATHE

      Ted was convicted of illegal financial dealings and kicked out of the senate. Later he was exonerated because the prosecutors had uncovered evidence that proved his innocence and with held it from the defense. Those same lawyers are now running the Russian collusion investigation.  They did the same thing in the prosecution of 5 people that worked for Enron and those convictions were overturned also.  Any idea why they got the job running the Russian hoax?   


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