Thomas HolcroftThomas Holcroft, (1745-1816) English dramatist, miscellanist, poet and translator

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“To prevent inquiry is among the worst of evils.”

Thomas HolcroftThomas Holcroft
~ Thomas Holcroft

The Adventures of Hugh Trevor, 1794

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E Archer, NYC

It may not be the 'worst of evils' but preventing inquiry is a sign that the 'truth' would be very costly to those that prop up lies.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

E's got it.

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Ethan    12/20/07

Questioning things is where many achievements find their basis.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Political parties and religions are the biggest obstacle to inquiry and I do think it is a very serious evil.

w dornth, AZ

what a great blessing to live in our United States and have the freedoms we have. You don't have to travel far to realize how blessed we are here. I hope we can maintain what we have against all who would crush our nation.

Mike, Norwalk

I absolutely agree with Archer. Look how silent the major media has been toward Ron Paul, and his message. Darwinism, though dis-proved, is not allowed to be competed with by any alternative concepts. Before any court of the land, try inquiring into the constitutional definition of a Republic vs a Democracy and Titles of Nobility as they relate to licensing. (I can't find where its been allowed) All inquiries are limited to current political correctness only. I would add to w domath; 'crushers, foreign and domestic'.


Agree. 100% with quote.

A Adler, NY

When was Darwinism disproved?? Also, any alternate scientific theory must be testable, otherwise it is just a metaphysical theory; better to be taught in a philosophy course with other competing theories on the matter.

warren, olathe

Darwinism has been disproved over and over again. There has never been any evidence ever found to even suggest that his theory could be true. He himself decided it was not possible later on in life. Mathematically it is more likely that a 747 jet would spontaneously come into being than one single celled organism. The DNA is far more complex in a single celled critter than a complete functioning 747 jet. Darwin came up with his theory before much was known about Biology. It was believed in his time that things like fruit flies and rodents just mysteriously appeared when the conditions were right for them to happen. The only reason the theory is believed is because it gives an alternative to what is described in the bible. The bible may seem implausible to many but evolution certainly is. In most schools one is prevented to inquire any alternative to Darwinism. Rejection of Darwinism is heresy to the lefts religion worshiping Gaea (Earth Goddess) and their other god Karl Marx.

Judith, Corrales NM

To prevent inquiry is to deny knowledge. Without knowledge one is ignorant and vulnerable. It is "one of the worst evils" and is a tool of the powerful. Thank God, whomever one determines It to be, but there is one, and Darwin later in life did say that he did not fully believe himself all his "theories'. There is a "Missing Link" that has not been found that directly connects humans to the Ape famiy. Darwin was pushed down our throats suddenly in the 1940's when investigation could not have been done. It seems there is a political reason for this as belief in a higher authority may make people harder to control. Despair and hopelessness is what the powerful want us to feel so we will not stand up for Liberty and Justice, and look for meaningless Gods, like movie stars, etc. Youth without belief have nothing to anchor their lives. This may be a bit far off from the quote but without inquiry, accepting myths or theories as truth without further inquiry can enslave. The internet must be permitted to allow freedom of information and ideas for knowledge to develop.

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anonymous    1/6/14

Would that all belief systems including all religions and all ideologies recognized this one piece of truth.

Mike, Norwalk

w dornth, AZ, "you don't have to travel far" ? You can't travel anywhere (that freedom has been replaced with license - your overlords say to travel is illegal and you need their special privilege to transport yourself in your own vehicle - oops, you are not free to own a vehicle, equitable position is held by the State and the vehicle is licensed also).

jim k, Austin, Tx

I was raised in a Bible church and we weren't given to thinking, only believing. Thinking could lead to doubting and doubting was a sin. Hey, we had enough sins and didn't want to add doubting to the list.

Mike, Norwalk

jim, that is a really sad experience, bordering on the quote's evil. I had a different experience. I went to a church once when I was fairly young where the minister said to challenge the Lord on a daily basis. He said to pray (be on your knees when ever possible as well as, stay in an attitude of prayer), fast, have gratitude in your heart for all the Lord has given, do the things you should be doing, and when you have a situation - inquire / challenge. When you think you get an answer and the event occurs as thought, repeat the process. On the next occurrence, the out come may be just opposite of what you thought. Then go back and analyze the two events, their outcome, what were your thoughts and how you felt (don't overlay a conclusion). Do that every day or often enough and though it may be years, you will begin to differentiate between the spirit, the intellect, emotions, traditions, personal desires and the natural powers of creation (the world).

Mike, Norwalk

By powers of creation (the world) I mean that which is naturally associated to matter and energy. By way of example, I have a friend studying Buddhism that was involved with a large group of New Agers, Buddhists, and others (all non-believers of a supreme god). They prayed for a sick / injured individual and that person was healed. The result appeared the same as a spiritual healing. Another power of creation example may be when one is driving while lost. At an intersection a silent introspection may result in an inclination to turn one way or the other - getting to where needed (it could have been a spiritual insight).

jim k, Austin, Tx

Mike, nevertheless, my GPS generally tells me which way to turn at an intersection. As to praying for the sick, I figure that someone may be healed regardless of prayer. Praying that someone will get well, and they do, is anecdotal evidence and doesn't prove cause and effect.

Mike, Norwalk

jim, thanks; your anecdotal evidence (outside cause and effect) was actually part of a broader understanding of my examples. Much of technology (GPS included) though beneficial on many levels, is part of a cause and effect of dumbing down human sensitivities, abstract intellect, and . . . . I also believe there are many reasons people are healed outside current medical / science understanding. You have read the experience of my sister, with in the blink of an eye, she woke up from a multi-month coma, the fracture in her skull that was widening and oozing liquid was immediately healed as nothing had ever bad happened and, her shaved head was again covered with all her long hair. I know, that doesn't prove anything; was it anecdotal evidence, cause and effect, or something else ? Personally, I had an experience that answered that.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

To ask a well thought out penetrating question is among the greatest good.


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