Timothy P. Carney Quote

“As the federal government has progressively become larger over the decades, every significant introduction of government regulation, taxation and spending has been to the benefit of some big business.”

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Mike, Norwalk

Mostly, maybe even the vast majority. There are the pure ideologues that implement canons to enforce their moral should be.

Ronw13, Oregon

A natural chain of events induced by progressive socialism.

cal, Lewisville, Texas

Barry Goldwater Warned Us About This In 1964. The voters still shouted, "Yea LBJ. "

E Archer, NYC

Face it, the government is superfluous -- it's a giant criminal racket designed to put and keep people on a payroll. There is NO limit to the amount of debt they may incur and place on the rest of us. The Titanic is destined to sink, and the rats are eating up every last morsel before jumping ship.


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