Vladimir Ilyich LeninVladimir Ilyich Lenin, [Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov] (1870-1924) First Leader of the Soviet Union

Questionable Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Quote

“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”

Vladimir Ilyich LeninVladimir Ilyich Lenin
~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Questionable: supposedly from "The Beginning of the Revolution in Russia", Selected Works, Vol. I, International Publishers, New York, 1967, however, the quote does not appear in the text

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Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Again, five stars for illustrative value. No stars for 'motto' value. Confusing? Read it again. Where have I heard the equivalent of this tack recently? Lenin was a student of what went wrong (right) in the American experience. It took a long time to even begin to undo his 'good' works. It'll take a lot longer to find out if his 'good' works can ever completely be undone.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Bill Clinton agreed with Lenin on this issue. No kidding. See his quotes.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Indeed, and thus the only guns that make sense to license & register are those which are built for killing people not hunting: glocks, machine guns, sniper rifles (and yes, there is a difference between a good hunting rifle and a good sniper rifle which is inappropriate for hunting).

Terclinger, Everytown
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Terclinger, Everytown Anonymous, Reston, VA US 1/7/20

You dont know what the fuck you're talking about, MILLIONS of Americans hunt with AR15s, and the 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting animals, its about hunting TYRANTS and dictators. 

Sic Semper Tyrannis

E Archer, NYC

Look, folks, don't fall for the big lie -- if we take away the guns from the people, that won't rid us of the danger of guns -- the guns aren't going away -- they just will end up in the hands of other 'people'. If people cannot be trusted with guns, then who the hell do we think the government is? This is collectivist double-think. And then who decides who can have the power to defend themselves and who cannot?

Bob, Eugene Orygun

Hey! Where's the kook from Reston? http://eugeneunderground.blogspot.com/

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Socialists/Communists fear guns.

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

David L. Rosenthal, Perhaps you'd be so kind as to provide us with some inkling of which Bill Clinton quotes lead you to the conclusion that "Bill Clinton agreed with Lenin on this issue" because, well, you know, I'm a little slow on the uptake.

Helberg, Minnesota

Hey Anonymous from Reston, Let me get this straight...If an idiot is hell-bent on shooting up a school, he wouldn't do it if the only weapons at his disposal were Remington 870's and grandpa's old Winchester that could drop an elk from 100 yards without a second thought? I can only hope you don't believe the nonsense you typed and are actually an outright gun-banner. Otherwise your lack of logic leaves me utterly confused. The quote gets 5 stars for appropriately defining where gun-banners ideas belong - in the ash-heap of histories despots.

A HREF="http://www.myegotimes.com/" title="  " target="_tab", Vancouver, GVRD(Paine Cnty), Coastal Lwr Mainland BC(State of Neo Sumer), U.S. of Eh!

Another living and dead example of why individuals must have the right to keep and bear arms.

Harvey Russell, Beaumont, TX

Can you furnish a source for this quote? On paper it may look good and something that Lenin might say. But using it does not make for good sport when called upon to give a source.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

We do our best to provide sources to all quotes. We are often helped by our subscribers. In the mean time, the content of the quote is sufficient for consideration and debate.

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    Chicago    3/23/06

    The quote is referenced in "The Beginning of the Revolution in Russia", Selected Works, Vol. I, International Publishers, New York, 1967

    Editor, Liberty Quotes

    Thanks, Chicago. The source has been updated, but we still need a date of the quote. Cheers.

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    Chicago    3/23/06

    It is a fact that despots and tyrants throughout history mark their rise to power by confiscating weapons from the populace -- and then requiring neighboring nations to do the same -- if not, they are invaded. They eventually invade the other countries anyway -- they just prefer not to be shot at in the process.

    Harvey Russell, Beaumont

    Thanks to you, Chicago for the source.

    Harvey Russell, Beaumont

    Editor, I understand the source is not always readily available, and the thought of the content is what counts.However, when dealing with skeptics that require sourcing, without one, it puts one at a distinct disadvantage.

    Editor, Liberty Quotes

    Thanks, Harvey. We can use all the help we can get. The search for truth is an arduous one -- its publication, a duty. ;-)

    Simo Hayha, Phoenix

    Absolutely the truth. Our politicians are slowly taking away our liberty and leading us into slavery. We are being watched like this is a police state. If we don't protest now soon it will be a police state. What will eight years of Obama bring?

    kicker, Arlington,VA

    This isn't a correct quote. In the article it's referenced from Lenin encourages the arming of citizens. You can read the original translation here: http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1905/jan/25.htm Some bad info on this has gone around the net as fact.

    icono1, Lexington, Ky.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Sandy, Huntington Beach

    My grandmother left Russia before Communism took over and never saw her mother and sisters again so all you dumkofs that want this form of oppressive government are what my father would say "Idiots"!

    Mike, Norwalk

    Welcome to Amerika, The malignant statist theocracy infesting this land by way of occupation knows well the despotism of compelled compliance, licensing, and registration.

    Anonymous, Omaha

    Mike, statist theocracy? I'll buy the first concept but this nation is as Godless as the USSR was, we just choose to deny it openly.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Anonymous, the presence of a 'god' or lack thereof does not define what religion is. Buddhism for example is a religion with no god. Christianity, in and of itself is not a religion - it is a mere belief or philosophy. It is when Christianity is acted upon based on morals and ethics does it become a religion. The Bible gives a reference: “⋯ believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” (James 2:19) The devils (including evil men) may believe in a god but it is not part of their religion. When Atheism attempts to get rid of offensive religions based on morality or ethics, Atheism becomes a religion antithetical of god believing religions. To act on morals and ethics in a national setting concerning feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, financing the indigent, caring for the infirm and mandating such sacraments as marriage creates an establishment of religion (theocracy). Religion is: “ real piety in practice, consisting in the performance of all known duties to . . . our fellow men.” (Bouviers Law Dictionary) Religion is: “A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance:” (Oxford dictionary) I have talked at length on this subject on this blog, I can explain further if you like.

    Ronw13, USA

    Social conscience is required prior to a revolution. Lenin knew very well, the " Waking up " affect needed, to stir oppressed proletariat labor. But in the USA, by stirring the minds of the " Great Generation " around a 100 years old today, is to recount the encroachment of socialism's march over the past 100 years. Very few have sat and listened to story after story and the lively hoods lost to the Statist Theocracy. It is the very mention of our God of nature, and his endowing, the " Sovereign Individual " with inalienable rights, that, affords the Right to Revolt !! Being feared the most by socialist world wide. Five stars for a correct observation. Threskeia vs Threskos practice/working out, of ones own religion. Superficial Threskeia state or private religion, the norm of socialism today. A slippery slope, to the destruction of a wholesome, moderate life at Liberty.

    jim k, Austin

    Reston, are you nuts, well, yes you are. The right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting. Your comments are ridiculous even for you.


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