Will RogersWill Rogers, (1879-1935) American humorist

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“I guess truth can hurt you worse in an election than about anything that can happen to you.”

Will RogersWill Rogers
~ Will Rogers

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Mike, Norwalk

Once upon a time in a land far, far away. Now, open admiration of Mao and a push for his godless utopia will get you a Czarship; and, pursuing Marx ("In a higher phase of communist society, after the enslaving subordination of the individual . . . From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." (Karl Marx)) will get you anointed the head executive.

Mike, Norwalk

The utopia includes no nobility of life, baby sacrifice, and eugenics; a deprived, poverty stricken, chaotic, violent, tyrannical and despotic existence that the overlords call freedom; and, all rights as are dictated by the omnipotent statist theocracy. The truth did not hurt the election, the application thereof may.

cal, lewisville, tx

The truth being all those promises made before the election are just lies now!

A.WOODS, Gloucester

I wondered if Rogers was referring to candidates when he said this. Considering the nature of our elections as well as our candidates, I see how the truth causes pain to anyone paying attention.

warren, olathe

unfortunately the truth seems to be ignored of late.

J Carlton, Calgary

The big "O" promised change...if you're a lifetime welfare abuser...its a good change. If you're a hard working person pursuing the American Dream...its a death knell. Yes we can, yes we can...zeig heil zeig heil...

Waffler, Smith

The change was we got a thinking and decent spoken man in the White House. I was in a small west Texas town three weeks ago. Marathon, pop 500. Bush and party had come to town a week earlier and occupied the entire hotel which his friend owned. The local chef who served the party and spoke to his honor said what a nice guy and well spoken person he was. The chef said Bush was nothing like he appeared to us on television for 8 years. I think Bush's problem for eight years were his handlers, Cheney plus his silly political affilation..

jim k, austin

" A thinking and decentspoken man in the White House", Waff are you off your rocker? A man who lies every other breath and appoints Marxists and tax evaders to his cabinet. A "decent" man who plays golf while our soldiers die in Afganistan. Obama is at best, the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Maybe worse than Carter if that be possible.

J Carlton, Calgary

Obama isn't even an American. He is a puppet President pursuing a socialist agenda and bulldozing all things truly American. He is the least of all a "decent man". He is the instrument of the destruction of America...in the name of Globalist World Government. (read slavery)

E Archer, NYC

"You can't handle the Truth!" ;-)

Waffler, Smith

Of the choices last November Obama had the cleanest (if you will) personal life. He had been married once, good grades, high achiever in University, McCain was a West Point almost flunky, a fighter pilot playboy, twice married etcetera, Biden well he is nothing less than saintly in his personal life. Palin well let us not get into that. So in any measure of term decent I think Obama had the upper hand last November.

Jim K, Austin

Hooray for the 2016 election. A career criminal and habitual liar will not be seated in the oval office.

Ronw13, Oregon

Absolutely, the truth can hurt ! Reprove the hidden things of darkness. Dark minded individuals in seats of power, will be removed. The secular humanist brings chains for the minds, and shackles for the ankles of unsuspecting children. 2016 election, perfect in intent and resolve on behalf of We the People, A moral majority has spoken, unity undeniable. Nationalist such as Obama, Waffler, should move to Turkey and meet the Kurdish warriors, then ask them about that nationalism, socialism and chains !

Tom, Wilmington

His quotes are very much like the truth-simple


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