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“Self-defense is a part of the law of nature; nor can it be denied the community, even against the king himself.”

~ William Barclay

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cal, lewisville, tx

The statists never believed in NATURAL LAW. They only believe in the power of the state. How pleased I was when Clarence Thomas said this was his first consideration.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Tell that to the Brady bunch.

J Carlton, Calgary

We all have a legitimate right to self defense...from anybody.

John L. Mann, Kalamazoo

One star for historical significance. Otherwise it's a pious piece of self-delusional grandiosity, especially when this "law of nature" is employed against the 'king,' OR his men. In the modern U.S., a place where people fall to tasers and false charges of 'obstruction' on a daily basis, the best way to self-defend is to remain quiet, playing ball above all else.

E Archer, NYC

What it means is that you have an indefeasible right to defend yourself even against the one who calls himself your king. Yes, a simple man standing up to an authority threatening him with bodily harm is still someone standing up for a right -- Gandhi did it, and he was beaten up frequently, but he won eventually. When the law is corrupt, we do not become criminals, the law is void on its face. It means that we MUST resist the unlawful command of so-called superiors. John from Kalamazoo simply demonstrates how unlawful authority continues to gain ground -- it is the same philosophy they recommend when meeting a mugger -- just give him what he wants and hope he doesn't kill you. That's what the criminals and politicians want -- for you to fear them and do what they say -- and to be disarmed in every way possible to make their crimes safer for them. What ever happened to standing up for what is right? Liberty is not preserved by acquiescing to those trying to shake you down. That is simply giving the mafia more power and turning yourself into a cowardly slave.

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RBESRQ    9/6/10

Communities will soon learn the power of that statement. Communities will stop supporting corporation, the grid, and regional utilities. They will go independent of the federal government and then the sparks will fly. Our weapon will be simple - stop spending! support as much as you can local farmers, local people that make things, local banks, help each other find a position in this new economy.

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    RBESRQ    9/6/10

    One minor addition: keep the Internet going.

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    Nick    9/6/10
    Publius, America

    When the government trespasses on your rights and takes from you to give to others, there are only two things, other than God Almighty Himself, that can save your life and liberty. Those two things are your own two hands. And I don't know about you, but when that day comes I prefer my hands to be filled with a gun. "I'll fight til from my bones, my flesh be hacked."

    Mark W, Aurora, CO

    Succinct proof that brainwashed lefty is a GMO mutant of Nature.


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