Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson, (1856-1924) 28th US President

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“Is there any man, is there any woman, let me say any child here that does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry?”

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
~ Woodrow Wilson

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Mike, Norwalk

A great example would be the Bush war in Kuwait. Beijing Biden (the lying dog faced pony soldier) only absorbs treasonous lucre; his handlers' haven't given their clear accurate motive yet.

E Archer, NYC

Since oil is literally power, is it any surprise that every conflict in the last 50 years can be traced to oil and pipelines?  The primary purpose for military presence in Afghanistan was to protect the Unocal pipeline.  Conflicts in Syria and Jordan involve oil transport.  Contracting oil production in the US literally makes the nation weaker.  Socialists worldwide are causing oil production to cease without a ready alternate source of energy.  The result is that the climate alarmist nations have less energy and with the same demand, and now are dependent on communist Russia to make up the shortfall.  Is the plan to bring the Western world to its knees in submission to communist nations not plain as day?  Putin is laughing at us. 


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