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“Academic freedom means the right, long accepted in the academic world, to study, discuss, and write about facts and ideas without restrictions, other than those imposed by conscience and morality.”

~ Yale University

Report, New York Times, 18 February 1952

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warren, olathe

When arbitrary morality and conscience is imposed as it is today then there will be no academic freedom. Our universities are the breeding grounds of tomorrow’s tyrants.

J Carlton, Calgary

The cia would disagree.

P. Lagerman, Grand Rapids

I'm glad the author of the quote mentioned the importance of morality and conscience, because educators can present or convey the facts and knowledge with a more subjective than objective flair.

Mike, Norwalk

I think the main element left out of the quote is how facts, ideas, conscience, and morality all measure to natural law or that which, just 'is'; what are the facts, ... and what will be the out come, short and long term. He who forgets history is doomed to relive it; whether that be math, facts, ideas, conscience, or morality.

E Archer, NYC

Conscience and morality are invariably reflected in the society which almost always believes its mores are 'the' mores. Often we forget that many of the 'crimes' of today were long-held traditions in the past. Paligomy and slavery were performed by the righteous, while usury was considered a capital crime rather than the foundation of the economic system today. As far as sexual practices go, you won't find 2 people who can agree what 2 consenting adults 'may be permitted' to do -- as if it were anyone else's business. We must confront the undeniable fact that we wish to control other people -- and the Constitution was written to protect the individual from coerced morals and practices no matter how 'righteous' the do-gooders may believe they are. College is a place where these kinds of discussions can and must take place. That which is true and indestructible will have no fear of destruction.

E Archer, NYC

What a difference 70 years has made at Yale ...


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