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57nomad, san juan capistrano ca57nomad, san juan capistrano ca
57nomad, san juan capistrano ca

I think the founding fathers got it right. Mostly the part about giving the exclusive power of the purse strings to the House of Representatives. The entire House, every single member must run for election every two years. The president can't pay the guy that mows the white house lawn unless congress first votes him the money for it. Who knows what's going to happen between now and election day, but, if it turns out that Republicans take control of the House and gain enough in the Senate to enforce a filibuster, that will be the true test of the rebels. Are they tough enough and smart enough to stay resolute? We'll see. In the meantime how will the establishment of the two national parties deal with the threat to their aristocracy from ad hoc citizens groups? That should be interesting.

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