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Citing a blog post that references Wikipedia is not proof that it is fake.

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As usual people forget the details. "science supported this myth in those days and wealthy people paid scientists to write papers supporting this idea. Frederick Douglas actually showed Lincoln how these reports were wrong. In the 1900s "science" said woman could not go to college because all that learning would make their smaller brains explode. Do you really believe anyone ever really thought the world was flat? or that the sun and planets revolved around the earth? Catholic Church scientists swore it was true. Copernicus? look it up. The truly wealthy and powerful who control things have always believed we are here to serve them and know the best way to control us is to keep us fighting each other.

anon, earth

dujac,because they could afford to do it. With many subsidiaries and their power(Roths.) and the help of other likeminded NWO friends the tactics are deflate the shares run the economies down whence many companies and businesses go broke then buy up at VERY LOW prices the bad shares and miraculously ,some how the disaster is'nt as bad the Dow Jones goes up and thousands,maybe even millions of companies get taken over by the elites. The Rothschilds never loose a cent.Its all mirrors and phoney figures.

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