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Anonymous, Fort Wayne

To -- David L. Rosenthal, Vomiting in the toilet. and Joe, St Petersburg FL, you really should get over your life perceptions and get a straight view of the world (maybe 30 days in the desert would help) Worked for me some years ago. Advice for both of you; Read some real history, get away from the canned stuff. Go to Archives.com. It's all there, unedited, uncut, straight from the mouth genuine history. Jim Alter Ft. Wayne Indiana

Anonymous, Fort Wayne

Tecumseh's words (I have read the early transcripts) are nothing less than pure inspiration. A leader and pure man, his words are so powerful today. It leaves no doubt in my mind that if you are looking for the purest spirit that a human being might emulate; you need look no further than Shawnee Tecumseh, cut down in Ontario by Harrison's troops by the direct order of the United States Congress (as well as the last vestiges of the Miamis of Indiana) within the same years. Tecumseh has no grave, but he was the noblest and most fearless of them all. All gods bless you Tecumseh. Jim Alter Ft Wayne Indiana

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