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Anonymous, Minneapolis

He was right then and he was right now and Americans have been apathetic prefering comfort and security over liberty and now have lost both. Shame on us.

Anonymous, Minneapolis

Ah yes! The unrelenting march from capitalism to socialism to communism. Soon the US will be like Russia - We are almost like Canada already! OMG! Communism is creeping over the North Pole! CLOSE THE BORDER WITH CANADA! Keep their single-payer socialist medicine out, before we all start saying "Eh, like, how's it goin comrade.". (Sorry - it's presumptuous of me to make fun of a great American like Krushchev and the people that like to quote him.)

Anonymous, Minneapolis

As long as Art is not government/tax subsidized, and can stand on it's own with the 'free market' determining it's worth. It's NOT the government's job to determine the winners and the losers! And...let's remember the First Amendment too.

Anonymous, minneapolis

Lincoln was a closet racist who pandered to the north.

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