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Anonymous, NY

what does this quote mean?

Anonymous, NY

I cannot find this quote in the record. Can someone point to the literary reference?

Anonymous, ny

Josef Mengele and all of his followers were sick and twisted. I hope they are burning in hell.

Anonymous, NY

The farther capitalism decends into crisis, the more stupid and ridiculous the apoligists become. Obama is a socialist---only the most dimwitted individuals buy into this stupidity. Mike from Norwalk, another fool subscribing to Libertarian clap-trap about small government, big government and the magic hand of the free market. The government is owned by finance capital, who intervene depending upon economic conditions. The most idiotic oversight by these morons is that the so-called American dream was at its peak during a period of regulation and has fallen apart since Reagan and deregulation. So whats the Libertarian answer--even less regulation--makes sense if you are an amoeba on Saturn. Its about who controls the government you peanut.

anonymous, ny

yes always, how could you belive in god with out an imagination, think.

anonymous, NY

This ass of a professor sadly teaches our children AND most likely owns a gun as he's special. BARF!

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