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Anonymous, Virginia

Hitler was evil, but he was not as stupid as the masses. He certainly got this one right.

Anonymous, VIRGINIA

gullible.or, ignoramuses.[uninformed .in PC talk ] ..the results are the same.

The dumbing down of America.by the conniving American educational conspiracy.has take nearly 100 years
.but..eventually its bearing fruit..Communism..
.[I think that Nikita..was well aware of the forces at play.! ]

That is the Achilles heel of an open society..it is nearly defenseless from deceptive and gradual erosion schemes
.especially, when clothed in the garments of political correctness.[fairnessequality.inclusiveness toleration

The American educational system has produced 80%, and growing, liberal teachers [professors?]
.who inculcate and indoctrinate the next generation of clones..[so it took a long time.not a quick revolution]

and when the inevitable [inescapable] reality is finally encountered [see that in Greece, today]..
It will be too late..[Humanity has not experienced a case of recovery from such disasters.]

To those that know and recognize reality..these liberal machinations are seen as stupidharmful.unsustainable
.unjust .and detrimental to societies.they cannot understand why, or how, rational appearing peoplesubscribe
to such lunacies being proposed and sugarcoated by the left demagogues..

It may be Pavlovian conditioning folks..and it grows exponentially..[a pyramidal effect]

ObamaNikitas posthumous victory.

Anonymous, Virginia

The government schools CANNOT be reformed, which is why the only solution to eduction is a return to privately , parentally, and locally controlled education, the same way it was at our founding.We have homeschooled for 25 years.

Anonymous, Virginia

Very interesting quote. I heard some solid arguments from all of you. David's first paragraph was a real good argument.

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