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Bill, Cape Coral, FloridaBill, Cape Coral, Florida
Bill, Cape Coral, Florida

Waffler, You may not like Republicans...however, if you can objectively look at the Bill in the Senate, you can see a tremendous amount of spending that will not stimulate the economy. Personally, I don't like the government too involved in any facet of our lives. Limited government is the ideal. However, we all realize that perception and confidence is what drives the economy. As long as people are afraid to spend, banks afraid to lend, etc. the businesses will continue to see sales drop and the economy will continue to contract. The downward spiral continues. If our Government can inject some spending to help stabilize the downward spiral and start talking positively about the economy, we can pull out of this mess. It doesn't matter if it were Bush telling us the sky was falling and they needed 700Billion to fix the banks or if it's Pelosi, Reid, and Obama saying the economy will crash if we don't spend this by tomorrow. BOTH SIDES ARE EITHER LYING OR IGNORANT! In Pelosi's case, I think STUPID is a better term. She's the one who "mis-spoke" not on just one, but several occasions where she told an audience of reporters that every month we don't act, 500 MILLION Americans lose their jobs. Gee Nancy, there are only 320 million "legal" Americans in the country! So, Waffler, maybe if everyone could forget their partisan alliances, forget the hatred and venom spewed to infect all of us from both sides, maybe we could all do what's best for the country. Remember, Congress and the President work for us. We are not their slaves! They can talk, should talk, but they should also listen--TO US! Current independent polls show that nearly 80% of Americans oppose this legislation. Big number? Don't you get even a little suspicious of anyone from Washington telling you the sky is falling? They've cried wolf too many times for me to start believeing them now. I think we need a whole lot more talking before we go into debt for nearly a TRILLION dollars--don't you?

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