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Crystal, Pittsburgh, PACrystal, Pittsburgh, PA
Crystal, Pittsburgh, PA

It means, saftey in numbers, and I also think that, if your party is low in numbers then you will actually hang, or it can also mean that you have to stick together to accomplish the great goal of freedom.

Crystal, Pittsburgh, PA

That's pure freedom, because freedom takes responsibility,even for "chosen time, place and object".

Crystal, Pittsburgh, PA

This is so true. It is even happening in our very own country (except that our country is lying to us)! It has become overwhelming, with our freedoms practically being taken away day by day! We have the right to over throw the government like the Constitution says we do if our forefathers, were here right now, what do you think that they would do? Hmm? They would take action! That's what I say we should do! Like Waffler, poor simple minded Waffler, who doesn't believe that majority rules, or simply doesn't know what it means to work or any thing of that matter. I say we start a petition, about losing our rights! How about it, instead of sitting down on our lazy asses, how does it sound to do something about this maddness? I think that I should stand upon the rooftops waving our precious, and magnificent flag (God Bless that it may wave forever)shouting out my lungs until my bloody insides start to pour out, shouting just what's on my mind. And maybe, just maybe, if we get all together, all of us who believe in justness and liberty for all, (i'm talking about worthy and true, die-hard patriots) that just maybe they won't shoot us down, one by one, 'cause they will those good for nothing bastards! Just once is all i'm asking to do something that will change the steep paths of this country and change them for the good, maybe people will see us, maybe not as long as it helps my country i'm there, i'm willing, to die for such a country, a country in which i'm willing to die for.

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