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Damon, AmericaDamon, America
Damon, America

I can't seem to figure out how people could trust a government bureaucracy to provide them with the fruit their labor deserves. Are our elected officials of such selfless integrity, and compassion for those less fortunate that they wouldn't fill their own pockets and leave your plate empty? I am willing to bet that none of the socialists commenting here, trust or like even a small portion of the officials in Washington. If we were to suddenly convert to socialism, would that change? Would the greedy stay home and quietly accept what they are given? Would the clever and cunning no longer be able to manipulate the system and take a seat of power? Would men and women of higher principles and purer agendas suddenly fill the halls of Congress? No. Politicians run this country under capitalism and politicians would run this country under socialism. That means that under socialism, the same people that you and I wouldn't trust with a rubber band would ultimately be filling in the numbers on your paycheck.

Damon, America

Back in college, one of my professors grew up in the USSR. He said that he could remember when he was a kid, that the government which devoted most of its laborors to the military, didn't permit the manufacturing of enough windsheld wipers or side-view mirrors for all the cars that were sold. His father was one of the lucky few that happened to get wipers and mirrors. And everytime they stopped somewhere they had to take off the wipers and mirrors and carry them wherever they went, because if they left them, they would get stolen. That's the type of thing that happens under socialism. The government decides to devote the labor of the nation to something other than what the citizens want or need. Capitalism, on the other hand, allows the people to supply themselves with whatever they demand. People are free to make whatever they can sell and the competition between companies causes each of them to improve the product. If we allow the government to drive supply, rather that allowing demand to drive supply, we're gonna end up demanding things that aren't supplied and supplying things that aren't demanded. And the tea parties don't want the government to create jobs, they want the government to get the hell out of the way so we can create jobs!

Damon, America

A great leader that didn't put up with any bull****. We need him in the Middle East and we need him in Washington.

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