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Daniel, Ft. WorthDaniel, Ft. Worth
Daniel, Ft. Worth

This is the result of Central Planners, who have set themselves up as god, and who think they know better than the People they claim to serve. The real problem here is that all organizations quickly move to protect and enlarge themselves. Bureaucracy proliferates, and every time it does, it takes away a corresponding amount of freedom from someone. "Power corrupts, etc." Vigorous application of Sunset Laws could right a lot of this in a short time. "Re-electing Nobody" could also help!

Daniel, Ft. Worth

Aside from the fact that it's not true, what is wrong with the concept of a Christian Family, Christian values, Christian morality? The flaw is in allowing politicians to touch that which is of Faith. The goal is to allow faith to permeate that which is political. And economic. And so on. This is why the Founding Fathers attempted to control the State in its relationship to religion, but encouraged religion to influence the State. It's a valid point - once politics dominates the religious scene, the whole scene is covered in manure. But it ignores the fact that our Founders and leaders were able to make this country great precisely because they were influenced by their faith in God. It is lunacy to attribute all the ills of a society to those who believe in God, but typical of the hypocrisy of those who hate God because He forbids them to engage in the unbridled exercise of their own lusts and greed.

Daniel, Ft. Worth

The irony is that Ingersoll is now burning in Hell, where he opted to go, in the company of all those who have abused religion for their own gains. That's justice! He was a bitter enemy of organized religion (understandable) but made the common mistake of confusing religion with a true relationship of obedience to a loving God.. As a Humanist, he worshipped his own intellect - and could not tolerate those whom he accused of intolerance. A man noted for consistency in his rebellion toward God. No friend of Liberty - rather a libertine.

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