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Gerrit, SLC

I would have to say that we as a people have become vastly polarized. We've taken sides, turned on each other, and now wish to force the opposition to agree with our opinions. If you believe that gay marriage is right, good for you, but the majority of you all need to chill the heck out. You claim freedom of expression yet deny it to others, i.e. those who disagree with your marriage. I believe it is unnatural and against God's will, but so long as it doesn't effect me, you could marry your dog for all I care. Just stop the bigotry against religious people. If you don't agree with it, then don't bother yourself with it, but don't deny other people their freedom to express their opinions/believes. They may be wrong or right, but like Jefferson said, 20 gods or one so long as it doesn't negatively impact me, I don't care.

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