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Gunny Cee, DurhamnGunny Cee, Durhamn
Gunny Cee, Durhamn

To Jack Green, Ohio, so does Love, Duty, and Honor motivate people. Greed is what made this country great. But not the kind of greed that small minds think about. It is the kind of greed that a person has when it comes to self-preservation and the preservation of his family and loved ones. It's the kind of greed that motivates a man or woman to study, to learn, and to understand that a good job will create the life-style that will make them all comfortable. IT isn't the kind of greed that makes some people demand that others take care of them; that the government is supposed to look after their welfare. The kind of greed that demands ever more from the government and the taxpayers and threatens to burn down our cities if they don't get it. Also it's the greed of the Unions thugs who demand more and more and produce less and less that has ruined most of our once great institutions and has driven business overseas.

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