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Harriet B. Stowe., BostonHarriet B. Stowe., Boston
Harriet B. Stowe., Boston

Ben Franklins generation was smarter then any that came after it. It is the greatest generation not so reporters daydream.

Harriet B. Stowe., Boston

So where was his character on the Dred Scott Case? No one really knows but he was no champion for constitutional law. The Constitution was undermine by the SC at the time, it was not up to activist's to decide the case and should have never been heard. It would've have taken a 2/3's vote to change Chattel Slave laws within in Congress, that's why we had this social contract, which from the beginning the revolution warned of activist judges. His character is tarnished, and this quote should be scrapped. We stayed a great nation despite of him. 

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