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Jay Hendon, Lake Oswego, OregonJay Hendon, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Jay Hendon, Lake Oswego, Oregon

And if it fails completely, bail it out.

Jay Hendon, Lake Oswego, Oregon

I don't think Lincoln should be quoted in the context of liberty; Lincoln was a tyrant. The Declaration of Independence - the cornerstone document of "The Land of Liberty" states that government has no right to govern without the consent of the governed; ergo the Confederate States had the right to secede. Lincoln himself proclaimed that the Civil War - which took more than 600,000 lives - was not about slavery but about preserving the Union; that if maintaining slavery was required to accomplish that end, so be it, it was preserving the Union that was important. Would we praise Putin if he waged war against the former "Republics" to force them back into the USSR? If a member nation of the U.N. elected to withdraw itself from that body would we praise that organization if its members waged war against it to force it to remain a member? Look at the columns below each of Lincoln's hands on the Lincoln Monument: those vertical columns are fasces - bundles of bound wood representing the power of State force to bind, i.e. force compliance. "Fasces" is the root of the word "fascist". Lincoln was not about liberty; Lincoln was a fascist.

Jay Hendon, Lake Oswego, Oregon

I forwarded this quote to a talk-show host - including the citation/link to liberty-tree - and substituted (Libertarians deny) for "Liberalism denied". Modern "Liberals" are Socialists, and quite ill-liberal.

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