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John, Sartell, MN, USAJohn, Sartell, MN, USA
John, Sartell, MN, USA

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John, Sartell, MN, USA

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John, Sartell, MN, USA

Thomas Paine was right on the money with this quote. What did Lord Action say, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
I look at it this way: Power attracts the corrupt, and the more absolute the power, the greater the corruption it reveals. Power seduces the weak man and flatters him into exercising his baser instincts.

Anonymous, Australia is both right and wrong about the Jews, they are both a race, with specific genetic diseases, Tay-Sacs Syndrome and certain early breast cancers, and a religion.

Because the midevil Catholic Church considered interest to be Usury, they gave the Jews a defacto monopoly on money lending. Because Jews were forbidden to farm they became urban merchants and artisans.
Gradually the Jews became the preeminent schoolars and bankers, readily identified as Jews by distinctive surnames, and envy lead to persecution. Hitler needed scapegoats for the two decades of economic hard times Germany suffered after WWI, and the Jews were the easy target.

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