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I found this "quote" in a peer-reviewed journal I was studying for an academic paper I am writing. However, after further research and watching the actual hearing it takes place in I thought I might report: This is a misquote. Since it uses many of his actual words it cannot be considered a paraphrase.  From an academic standpoint, and for those writing journals that will be peer-reviewed the difference between the two matters.

What Freeh actually said was:

“I think -- you know, it depends how you put the question. If you ask Americans whether they want an FBI wire tax in their phone bill, they'll say, "No." If I ask them whether they want a feature on their telephone which allows me to find their child, if they're taken, they'll say, "Yes." I think it's a question of perception.”

You can review the video of this hearing for yourself here: https://www.c-span.org/video/?60140-1/wiretapping-access

For many, this is a nuance that won't matter but for the academic world, I thought I would share.  

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