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A man of "high" standards. . . love it 


Teddy really didn't mean that. He was our first progressive Pres. He didn't have a problem with taking taxes from the rich to expand gov't.


Nikita Kruschef years ago pounded his shoe on a podium and said that they (Communist) would take over from within without firing a shot. They certainly appear to have achieved their goal. The next question is, what is comming next. If a revolutionary plan is used to disrupt a contry's stability, it certainly leave us vulnerable for attack from outsiders. Besides these outdated thoughts let us not forget who has gotten most a Americas manufacturing jobs! Communist China! Make no mistake America, Communism has a strangle hold on our nation. We all would do well to prepare to defend ourself. Our government has fallen into the hands of communist though they don't openly say so.

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