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Khalil, Atlanta

Wow, that first guy is really lost. Look, if the Fed can create money out of nothing, then they can regulate what each dollar is worth ... simply by putting more dollars in circulation. Since the Fed Note (dollar) isn't backed by gold nor silver, they can print as much as they want. (originally, each note in circulation represented one dollars worth of gold or silver "on reserve" or rather in storage.) With out that, they can print any number of notes they want. Now, looking at the software you "create". The more copies of your programs that are out in the public, the less each copy is worth. "That is why it is illegal to copy your software, because it devalues your original. With the ability to copy, I could fraudulently run you out of business! THAT is why Birum and many, many others call the Fed "fraudulent". The value of a "dollar" is controlled by regulating the amount of "dollars" that are in circulation. Why do you think the US is over 6 trillion dollars in debt? Who do you think the debt is owed to? Does the "German Mark" during WWII mean anything to you? Dude, you really should know what your talking about before your put comments out there for people like me to read and then shake my head. www.heritageofliberty.com Peace-

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