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Leo Emmanuel Lochard, Joliet, IllinoisLeo Emmanuel Lochard, Joliet, Illinois
Leo Emmanuel Lochard, Joliet, Illinois

This statement by President Abraham Lincoln proves the foolishness of doctrines opposite to, American self-government by electoral representation. And it also reveals the endangerment to Liberty produced by the imprudent advocates of "proportional representation," which is a socio-political doctrine that aims at separating a country's resources into "pieces of the pie" to be expropriated, by hook or crook, by factious and warring, ruthless, and self-interested ethnic enclaves, economic cliques, and social clans that must practice division and confusion as they connive and conspire in order to coax friends and foes alike, into forming a so-called "governing coalition." The statements of President Abraham Lincoln, when read in totality, prove that he had a keen, discerning, perceptive, and wise understanding of the principles of free government as rooted in God-endowed personal Liberty. For, since, for example, 300 million Americans cannot be assembled at one time and in one place to legislate a policy decision addressing a national problem, it makes spiritual soberness, moral sense, and logical sense, to then deliberately and willfully choose to elect our representatives into public office by our expressed, free-willed, voter consent. And it is after this God-given constitutional expression of our personal liberty in American citizenship is completed via open and lawful political participation is fully completed by us, citizen-voters, that those we elect by our consent and freewill-choice to represent us as our freely elected government then assume administrative power on our behalf, but with the legitimate authority to enact just laws for our great nation that we will then freely obey, follow, and abide by. Thus, from the standpoint of the sinfulness of human nature, and given the Law of Entropy prevailing in the physical natural world, then our form of free self-government by electoral representation embodies indeed the final word on Human government as established by divine revelation on the face of the Earth.

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