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Morris, Issaquah

For proof of this concept, see any state that has gone too far in taxation, regulation and spending the public's wealth.

California, Detroit, Chicago, France, etc

All of them are losing capitalists. Which is not only material wealth, but the creativity that helped create it.

Morris, Issaquah

Lewis lived through the rise of the progressive age, and fought against the absolute leftism of National Socialism.

He like Churchill witness all types of Tyranny, and through his own experience in the UK post WW2, witnessed the *worst type* of Tyranny.

The tyrant that evokes _care_ for you, is the absolute worst kind of tyrant. He'll destroy the human spirit as he *cares* for the poor, he'll despotize and centralize industry to make sure their pay and conditions are fair. Those industries that put up with it, will hire fewer workers, others will leave the state for countries that don't have an iron fist around the throat of the working class.

There is absolutely no end to soft tyranny. Because the condition of man will continue to worsen under their grip, they'll continue to exercise more and more moral authority over helping us.

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