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Silvia Kelly, Mission ViejoSilvia Kelly, Mission Viejo
Silvia Kelly, Mission Viejo

If Americans are willing to trade their safety and liberty for some have backed promise and lose their democracy in the process they deserve what they are willing to give up for that. Someone said that people get the government they deserve. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Each generation must be vigilent and be aware that many people in the world truly want to bring this wonderful country to its knees. Our forefathers knew this and this is why ALL of our Bill of Rights were written to protect ourselves from our various governing bodies whose only agenda is true POWER. My only advice is Choose your leaders very carefully. Kissinger's quote tells you who he is and what he and his type are about. Evil always tells you who and what they are, it is WE who chose not to believe they mean it. They know this and therefore have no fear to tell us up front their agenda. They state their case everywhere with no fear as they know the masses will never listen anyway, as long as their cell phones work and their games work the masses can "fiddle while Rome burns"

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