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Summer, New HampshireSummer, New Hampshire
Summer, New Hampshire

I think America would disassemble before being conquered, although I think there is a long time before even that occurs. And spare me the "you're un-American" name calling, because it is just the way it goes. Governments form with high hopes and may last hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Eventually they will all fall though. To expect America to last forever and ever would be asking too much. I agree with Archer, eventually Americans are going to become fed up with their unnecessary laws and the resistrictions government places on them, that they will want another revolution. And not to an anarchy set up like previously stated. When Americans decided to make their own government they didn't expect an entirely new set up. We still paid taxes and kept many of the previous laws. It was just the ridiculous ones we excluded. And if you consider the Boston Tea Party anarchy, then maybe anarchy has more appeal than implied.

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