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T. LaMar, Keeseville, nyT. LaMar, Keeseville, ny
T. LaMar, Keeseville, ny

This is NOT a question of "redistribution of wealth", a phrase that has become too sullied in recent pandering to the uber-rich, rather it is deals with the open question as to how much a man's labor is worth vs. the value of the object he creates and that of who owns the means of production of that object, as well as taxations on process at all levels, including inheritance. If we are to remain a society with the greatest disparity in usuriously gotten wealth in history it can be left as is. If there is any economic justice in the universe, it should begin by getting rid of the Bush inheritance tax "cuts" once and for all, lest we continue moving toward the most dichotomous, unjust society in the history of man.

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